Thursday, September 30, 2010

September goes out with a bang. Literally.

Ahhh, good times these days of my life.
The mornings especially.

Getting everyone up and out the door for school is always a fun experience.  Ok, it's not always actually fun, but it's certainly never boring.

This morning everyone was up and ready to go and the house was mostly clean.  I had this great plan to shuffle people out the door, then bond with The Beast to knock off the last few miles of my September Challenge.

Kids ready-check!
Morning devotional-check!
Kids out the door-check!
Kids returning to front door after leaving....uh....that was not on my list.

Not two minutes after they all ran off, Alaina came back in the front door announcing "Dallin crashed into the fire hydrant and his head is bleeding!"

Well gee, that's exactly what we wanted to do this morning!  A hole in the head!

Poor Dallin.  Dallin is accident prone.  This is the kid that holds the record for stitches in our family.  This is the kid who cut the bottom of his nose off his face.  (no, unfortunately I'm not kidding about that)
So sadly, it was not all that surprising.

But really-how do you crash into a fire hydrant?  With your head?  You are taller than the hydrant!

Apparently he tripped while running to school and hit it.  Not sure how he managed that still, but it put a nice little hole in his forehead, right about at his hairline.
Ok, let's be honest, it made us laugh when he tried to explain it.

It was small enough that it would have required just one, maybe two stitches, and despite the fact that we have already met our deductible and out of pocket max this year so stitches will now cost us nothing (yay!  Also what do you want to bet that someone needs some horrifically expensive procedure within days of the new year?),  I really didn't want to have to spend the morning at Instacare.  And Dallin was bugged that he was going to be late for school.

We held it together for a while, and it was pretty cooperative about sticking together, so we went the home healing route.

Super Glue.

Our pediatrician has offered us a bunch of dermabond just to keep on hand (he also has 8 children, he understands), but we have just never remembered to ask for it when we are at his office.

The good news is that the super glue didn't sting, it did the job, and after laying around for a while,

Dallin made it back to school less than an hour after it started.

He was very happy to report when he got home that he didn't pop his head back open.
And that his hair was still a little red from the blood this morning.



Lisa said...

Poor buddy, but he is SO handsome!

~LL~ said...

I love stories about him! He is so cute.... I was clumsy as a child... I feel his pain.