Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's funny how when you have a big event, suddenly the day of the week on which that event happens becomes prominent.  My days may all blur together, I may find myself asking "what day is it again?", but I know when it's Wednesday for now.

Sam was born on a Wednesday.
Eight weeks ago today.

Wow, it's been eight weeks!!

Coincidentally at this moment eight weeks ago I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting.....

 My hair was sticking out funny on the side too apparently.

Thank goodness for the distraction of that glorious place called Facebook.
(and for better hair)

I was trying to convince myself that it was ok that this was now my longest induction ever.  That it was ok that every. single. person. had told me that they were sure baby would just fall right out after a little jump start since this was number eight.   I took comfort in telling myself that if this baby needed to go slow and take all day to make it through birth and be able to tolerate labor, then he could take all day.  Whatever he needed.  I could wait.

And boy, was he worth the wait.

Happy 8 weeks my little number 8.

I hope your Wednesday is as shockingly wonderful as ours. 


Shay said...

You look so great! Your lucky you got to wear real clothes and not the ugly gowns!

Catey said...

Thanks! :)
After wearing the hospital gown for the first 6, I finally started wondering why I keep wearing it when I hate it so much, and took my own clothes. So for Charlotte and Sam I took my own clothes, wondering what they would say about it, and the nurses have loved it both times! It's so much nicer to be comfortable in what you are wearing.

XLMIC said...

So funny! your messy hair is how mine looks all the time... well, actually better than mine usually looks! Yay for 8 weeks!

Celeste said...

Love that last pic...adorable! Congrats on week 8!!

Laurie said...

Sam looks so cute! Also, I must say you look absolutely amazing. Happy 8 weeks!

Lisa said...

I could SUCK on those fat cheeks! You look fabu EVEN in labor!

dana said...

Hey! Found your link on i shold be folding laundry!
Wow! I really admire your life! You seem like a great mother and person! :)

~LL~ said...

WOOT... Sammy-kins!!! LOVE YOU!

Kelsey said...

oh sammy! Somebody's gunna get some cookies :)

Molly said...

He is so precious!