Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh what do you do in the Summertime?

Go nonstop apparently.
Forget you have a blog and that you use it to journal your crazy life.
But hey, as long as you end up with a good tan line that's all ok, right?

I did some working on the tan line-love me some Vitamin D therapy!  I think I need some more.  Hopefully sometime this week.

So much going on, so much to share.  Way too many pictures.  Lots of things to say.  Lots to say about running too.  Loving this whole marathon training thing.  About to launch into long runs longer than I've ever run.  Excited for that!

But for now I'm going to go take care of my hubby who had hip surgery last Friday.  No, he's not that old. More details-and a couple of fun pictures-coming up on that too.

Happy Monday-hope you're enjoying your Summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Appliance Repair Ninja

I have skills.
Not nun-chuck skills or tetherball skills.

Appliance repair skills.
I am the appliance repair ninja.

My hit list this month so far?  The washing machine and a Kitchenaid mixer.
Mad skills I tell ya.

Two weeks ago our washer stopped draining.  Or rather it mostly stopped draining.
One load wouldn't finish, but we removed the laundry, drained it manually, then tried running an empty load.  Oddly enough, it worked.  We then washed a load of laundry and it drained fine.  Hmm.

The next day-back to not draining.

Since Aaron is gone much of the time, and loaded with homework the rest of the time, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Besides, what man wouldn't love a text from his wife featuring this picture

And the words "I hope you love me!"?

I took the washer apart.  Like all the way apart.
Want to see what happens to my house when I am taking a washing machine apart instead of being the mom?


Thankfully Aaron got home shortly after I finished taking it apart and helped me clear out all the drain hoses.  Nasty job.  I told him I thought it was the drain motor, and being the good husband he is, he said "I think you're right."  What a great man!

We put the whole thing back together hoping that maybe clearing out the drain hoses would do the job and we wouldn't need the motor in the end.  We got through five loads the next day-just enough to do all the towels and the things that really needed to be washed-before it really quit.
Turns out I was right, it was the drain motor.

It took a week to get the part, during which time a great friend let me use her washer a few times, and Aaron took one very large trip to the laundromat.

When the part arrived, Aaron handed it to me so I could finish the project I started.

I took the washer apart again and I think he completely enjoyed watching me do it. And took multiple pictures of the process.

Drain pump motor replaced,

washer put back together.

Good as new.
And a husband who is even more impressed with is wife than he already was.
Who loved taking this picture of me reaching back there to plug the thing back in.

 Everybody wins.


Kindergarten Graduation

After an evening for sixth grade promotion came the morning of Kindergarten graduation!
It was a busy last week of school here.

I did a pretty darn good job holding myself together as Malia celebrated moving on from Elementary school, but man, I struggled through these cute little Kindergarteners!
Hearing Pomp and Circumstance play as theses adorable little kids walked up to the stage in their tiny caps and gowns was just too cute!

Can you believe that Dallin is our fifth child, but our first experience with Kindergarten graduation?  Maybe that's why it got me.

There were some adorable songs, during which Dallin rocked the actions and dance moves while trying to take care of an apparent wedgie.  Yep, I raise multitaskers.  The video is priceless.

Yet another great teacher, which really says a lot about this woman.

She was a first year teacher, and was given a class of 32 children, a number of which are very active little boys from our neighborhood.  I was a little nervous about how things would work out as we started this year, but she truly did an amazing job!  One of those people who is just so good at what she does!

My little Dallin is moving on to first grade!

Sixth Grade Promotion

Well, I've entered that territory.
My oldest is leaving Elementary School.
In a couple of months she's off to Jr High.
Yes, it scares me.

Of course there was the big promotion ceremony to celebrate heading off to the big school.
Malia was awarded Student of the Year.
Proud Mama moment.

She really enjoyed her last year of school here and was blessed with a great teacher.  I'm hoping we have another child in his class in the future.  All the way around we lucked out with great teachers this year-which says a lot when you have kids in five different grades at the same school.
Each time I am at the school the principal (on the left) grabs me and tells me that he would love it if she became a teacher and returned to Eagle Valley to teach.  She would be a fabulous teacher.

She really is a fabulous kid, I sure hope it stays that way.


Monday, June 6, 2011

10 Months

Can you believe another month has flown by already?

Ten months.
My baby is TEN months old!

Cuter than ever.

Getting stronger.

Claps and giggles anytime someone says "Yay!"  SO stinkin' cute.

This picture cracks me up.

He's getting around.

We were feeling brave and thought we'd see if he'd stand on his own for a second or two.

He was a little nervous, but he did it!
So glad we caught it!

He is now cruising.  Kind of.

He still can't pull up by himself, but if we stand him up-his favorite location being beside the bathtub-he will make his way around with a few side steps.  Along the tub it also includes ridiculous amounts of giggling because this boy loves the bath!

Speaking of giggles....

We are having monthly dr appointments for now to make sure he is gaining weight and check his iron level.  Today brought good news and bad news.
The good news:  He has gained almost a full pound!  In one month!  Holy Smokes!  That is huge!  He went from 16 to 17lbs.  Considering that from 6-9 months he only gained 1lb 5oz, one pound in a month is a huge leap.  He's still at 2% on the growth chart, but hey-on the chart!
The bad news: His hemoglobin not only didn't improve, but it took a dive.  He went from 10.2 last month to 8.9 this month.  After some discussion with our dr we decided to go ahead and do an iron shot.  I knew that he was super low, but apparently the danger zone of low comes when you start dropping down around 7 or 8.  Just under 9 is too close for comfort.  I had no idea iron injections even existed.  The shot is enough of a pain that they dosed him with Tylenol and Benadryl (in case of a reaction) before even giving the iron.  Premedication = nervous mama.  This injection can leave a tattoo mark, so it goes in the body, gets pulled over a couple of inches, then pushed in further into the muscle.  It was really hard to watch, and my goodness-poor Sam cried like I've never heard before.  I've always done fine watching my kids get shots but this one was rough.  Really hoping it does the job and boosts his levels!
Back in another month to make sure he continues to gain-or at least maintain-his weight, and to do another iron check.  I need to check back in with the neurosurgeon to set up the next MRI and consult sometime in the next month as well.  Hard to believe it's been a year since we were scheduling that very first MRI, that I was counting weeks of pregnancy and kicks from tiny feet.  Who'd have thought that I'd be loving on this today?

pure joy.


Princesses and Bad Guys

Princesses and Bad Guys has become the make believe game of choice at our house lately.

I couldn't tell you where it came from.  I wonder the same.

The other morning Lincoln wanted me to join in.  So once Sam was napping, Charlotte and I were the princesses and he was the bad guy.

The game goes as follows:
The princesses are picking flowers in a field.  We picked flowers.
Then the bad guys come and cut off our legs.  (whaaaat?!)
But Charlotte apparently knew this was coming so she snuck into the top bunk bed-the castle-and hid (giggling) under the covers.  Good hiding technique as apparently the bad guy can't hear giggling and thus couldn't find her.
After he sprayed me with poison ivy (green socks), my leg was cut off (via sword) and I was told that I was dead.  When I pointed out that it wouldn't kill me, Lincoln told me that I wasn't really really dead, but that I'd wake back up in a minute.
After I wake back up I get to run hop to the castle.  But then he throws me in the dungeon. (the bottom bunk)
After laying there for a minute he reminds me that I have strong muscles and that I can break out of the dungeon.
Smart boy.
I then rescued Charlotte from the castle and we hop away, throwing those previously picked flowers at the bad guy to ward him off as we make our great escape.

And then it's time for smoothies.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


There are pictures, and (since it's me) a lotta words, but for now...

This morning's 5k rocked!!
I smashed my previous 5k PR by 4 minutes.

Three of my kids ran as well, the girls setting new PRs, and Taylor checking off his first 5k.  It was great.

I had worried about actually saying "I want to hit a 25min 5k" out loud, for fear of not pulling it off.  I'm so glad I did say it, the accountability helped me, and so did a couple of friends who kept me on track-one giving me a great lead to chase, the other running with me for a bit to keep me on track towards the end.

 In the end?




Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long May You Run

Today is National Running Day.  Now that's an awesome holiday.
(also the book Long May You Run is a fun book)
It's also my oldest son's 11th birthday.  But that's another post.

To celebrate-I ran.
A creative stretch, I know.

This is actually perfect timing for this fabulous holiday as my official marathon training began this week.
Today I took the Ronins out for a spin.

First time out of the box.  These babies have been sitting under my bed for two months, just waiting.    I love the way they look!  I've found that I love bright obnoxious shoes.  And the tribal band look they've got going on around the back is even better.  They felt pretty good too.  Less shoe than I'm used to, so I don't see these becoming long run shoes, but they will definitely be in rotation for the short runs.  And the long short runs.  Not sure about the short long runs.  I will break down the classification system for you.  I mapped it all out for Aaron the other night.  He was so impressed.  Or maybe just mildly annoyed.  Sometimes they look the same.
Short run = short.  Less than 5 miles.
Long short run = still short, but not as tiny, 5-6 miles.
Short long run = longer than short, but not long, 7-9 miles.
Long run = double digits.  10+.
See?  It all makes sense.

In an effort to squelch the over-achiever in me and at the same time satisfy my type-A-ness, I stuck to exactly what the schedule called for today.  Ok, well, almost.  It called for 3 miles, and I went 3.1.  Close enough.  I looked at today and thought "Three miles?  Really?  Three?  That's less than I'd run if I weren't training for a marathon!", but I will trust the system and the countless people that have used it successfully in the past.  I'm hoping it will help with my knee garbage as well (yes, still an issue).  I am trying to wean myself out of wearing the wrap when I run.  Yesterday I logged 5.4 miles (whoops, that was supposed to be just 5.  I guess I'm aiming to please the type-A and the over achiever?).  I ran *without* the wrap and had only minimal soreness.  A little tightness in the IT and quad after the run, a little tenderness in the knee, but no pain at all and nothing that slowed my pace.  A bit of icing post run and everything felt great last night.  I'll take it!  I'm hoping to eventually do all of my shorter runs without the wrap, as well as some of my short long runs.   Time to get back to some strengthening, and add regular yoga back in.  Hopefully an increase in strength and flexibility will be a big help as well.

Go celebrate by getting out there today and find a way to squeeze in some running.  Or go for a walk.  Or skip down around your house.  Heck, next time you have to pee run to the bathroom.  Just do something to get moving.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  Take that step.