Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

After an evening for sixth grade promotion came the morning of Kindergarten graduation!
It was a busy last week of school here.

I did a pretty darn good job holding myself together as Malia celebrated moving on from Elementary school, but man, I struggled through these cute little Kindergarteners!
Hearing Pomp and Circumstance play as theses adorable little kids walked up to the stage in their tiny caps and gowns was just too cute!

Can you believe that Dallin is our fifth child, but our first experience with Kindergarten graduation?  Maybe that's why it got me.

There were some adorable songs, during which Dallin rocked the actions and dance moves while trying to take care of an apparent wedgie.  Yep, I raise multitaskers.  The video is priceless.

Yet another great teacher, which really says a lot about this woman.

She was a first year teacher, and was given a class of 32 children, a number of which are very active little boys from our neighborhood.  I was a little nervous about how things would work out as we started this year, but she truly did an amazing job!  One of those people who is just so good at what she does!

My little Dallin is moving on to first grade!


Kelsey said...

so cute Dalbie!

XLMIC said...

I'm having a rough go thinking about Quinn moving up to first grade next year. I would have been pretty teary if he had had a cap and gown ceremony. Dallin is so cute in his :)

Teamarcia said...

So darn cute! I started crying like an idiot the minute Thing 2's class marched in. Of course I did the same thing in preschool. Guess I'm a hopeless case.