Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sixth Grade Promotion

Well, I've entered that territory.
My oldest is leaving Elementary School.
In a couple of months she's off to Jr High.
Yes, it scares me.

Of course there was the big promotion ceremony to celebrate heading off to the big school.
Malia was awarded Student of the Year.
Proud Mama moment.

She really enjoyed her last year of school here and was blessed with a great teacher.  I'm hoping we have another child in his class in the future.  All the way around we lucked out with great teachers this year-which says a lot when you have kids in five different grades at the same school.
Each time I am at the school the principal (on the left) grabs me and tells me that he would love it if she became a teacher and returned to Eagle Valley to teach.  She would be a fabulous teacher.

She really is a fabulous kid, I sure hope it stays that way.



Kelsey said...

love her award :) She was so excited! SHe looks old!!!

XLMIC said...

Such a lovely Student of the Year :) That would definitely make for a proud mama moment!

Congrats to her AND to you!

Handsfullmom said...

It is scary how fast they grow. We are lucky to have a K-8 school, but the fact that my oldest will be in 7th grade next year makes me wonder where the time went? But then I look at all the little crazies running around our house and I remember where the time went. =)