Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bag Tag

Let's just say it's been a week. or two. Between the RSV, Aaron being hospitalized with food poisoning, someone please tell me I'm not getting NEW spots like I suspect, and, well, just life in general, the blog hasn't exactly been priority.

And then there are my feelings on Tags. Very typically I just ignore them. If I've ever ignored a tag from you, don't take it personally, I do it to everyone! So imagine my surprise when my friend Lisa tagged me and I was EXCITED. Wow. What does that say? : ) This one is g-o-o-d.

And now I give you......Bag Tag!

The RULES are as follows:

A. Post a picture of whatever bag you are (using) today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!! AND it's contents!! EVERYTHING! Yes, even THAT!

B. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

C. Now tag some fellow bloggers and link back to this post so people know why you are posting pictures of your bag.

Allrighty Miss Lisa-you asked for it!

A. The Bag:

A kind of purse/giant carry all/diaper bag thing. I can't deal with the normal diaper bags anymore. I have a new giant tote coming in the mail soon-it was a steal! But I do have to add that the cute little green clutch that I use when we go out is definitely more fun.

Everything in it:

Ready? (starting in the back)
-A changing pad
-A bib
-A spare outfit and onesie for Charlotte
-Breast pads
-Other pads (put there for postpartum use, now there just in case)
-A pink hat with flowers on it (Charli's)
-A ziploc bag of extra wipes (you know I go through them all!)
-A half empty tissue pack
-My wallet
-Two pairs of gloves; one black, one green
-A pen
-A box of chewy atomic fireballs
-A pen
-3 gum wrappers
-An empty gum package
-Lipstick (Mary Kay Suede)
-Lipgloss (e.l.f. Champagne)
-A tag from one of the pairs of gloves
-3 burpcloths
-A booger sucker
-Turquoise hat
-Pink headband w/flower
-Travel case of wipes
-Butterfly toy
-Baby rings
-Charli's horse (get it? a charley horse?)
-Pkg of gum
-A name and address written on part of a gum pkg
And were it not always in my pocket, a Burt's Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil would also be in there.

B. I think I paid $9 for this one. Worth every penny. Heh! :) One day I would love to have a truly fabulous bag-as long as I get a killer deal on it!

C. The lovely woman behind this, Lisa, can be found HERE.
The only person I'm specifically tagging is Kelsey b/c she always has a fabulous bag and all sorts of good stuff in it!
So everyone else who reads this-You're tagged too....but only if you want to be!

Six Months

They have flown by, and already she's almost 7 months!  Ack!  

At the official 6 month check-up Charlotte was up to a whopping 15lbs 6oz, and 25.8inches long.  
Hooray for making the size 2 diapers last! : )

She has decided that mobility is massively under-rated, and is trying to prove this by getting around as much as possible.  The kids are now threatened with death if they leave the door to the basement open.  I now have to make sure all those little choking hazards are not on the floor.  And why is her favorite place to scoot/roll/slide/inch to the edge of the refrigerator?  Seriously-even when I wipe that spot on the floor I swear it is nasty within hours and those little tiny fingers love to grab the bottom of the fridge and sweep around under it.  Right before they go in her mouth.  Of course.  

Charlotte is loving "food".  I say "food" because really, how close to real food is pureed peas?  Ick.  Although she loves peas.  Just as much as she loves all of the yummy fruits.  Who'd have thought?  We got the camera out to get a shot of that lovely "WHAT are you feeding me?" face that always come with the green veggies.  We didn't get it.  Just smacking lips and a mouth wide open waiting for more.  

Who's kid is this??  She did get her first taste of graham crackers the other night and fell instantly in love with the mush.  

She is sitting up pretty well on her own now, and is occasionally trying to pull up on her own.  If you reach out to her she instantly grabs your fingers and pulls herself up to standing-why sit and watch the world go by?  

And look closely....TEETH! Two little teeth right down there on the bottom!
And hallelujah for sleeping better!  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

 It's Monday!  

Since last Monday was spent trying to survive (as Aaron would say-my internal housekeeping staff was having a domestic dispute), I was just happy to have made it to the end of the day.

This week was, thankfully, much more productive.  

So what is Making a Happy Home Monday?  It's blog carnival hosted HERE by my friend LL-who is turning 29 again today.  Happy Birthday LL!  Pick a project.  Make it big, make it small, just make it happier.  Join in, then head to her blog and link yourself up!  

Today I tackled one of my household nemeses.  ("Nemesises?  Nemisi?", "NemeSES" -name that movie!)

Do you see this pile?  

I. Really.  Hate. Ironing.  Aaron says he doesn't mind it so much and always volunteers to do it, but rarely does he get the time.  Then it ends up Sunday morning and someone is scrambling to iron white shirts for everyone.  I really should just suck it up and do it once a week, but let's be honest-I enjoy throwing everything up in the ironing basket on the shelf in the laundry room until the pile reaching the ceiling.  Literally.  9 people worth of ironing adds up quickly.  Trust me.

Today I at least wanted to remedy this:  

My poor husband's empty hangers.  Just how many?  

Look-enough to fill my forearm!  HA! (ick-nice shot of my diseased arm!)  Um, plus the rest of them that didn't fit on my arm.....I know, I'm bad.  Be glad you're not married to me I guess!

The finished product?  Voila!
 Look-no more empty closet!  Plus all the white shirts are ironed and hanging up with his dress clothes, and I got all of mine done!  Woo-hoo!  Maybe tomorrow I'll still be motivated and get the full basket of kids' things done.  Let's hope!  

One more tedious project checked off-and a little bit more motivation to stay on top of things.  Thanks LL!