Saturday, January 21, 2012

So here I am

On a Saturday night.  Writing blog posts.  This was not my first choice.  (no offense)
I will avoid the reason why and blame the irritability on pregnancy hormones.  And leave it there.

Speaking of pregnancy, I've had a few people ask for a belly picture.
There's not much of one yet, but little miss does definitely poke out after we go running!  I think she's just learning early to lean in for a killer finish.   I will never win a race, but maybe she will.

The post run belly:

VS the pre run belly:

There's definitely no killer abs left there.
and I don't run in all white.  I promise.  It was chilly so the tank was a base layer.  It was warm enough that day that I was wearing a skirt though.  Yay for warm weather in January!
I'm torn between the fact that I'm grateful I don't get huge out front-especially early on-and irritated that I gain all of my weight in my butt/hips/thighs.  and low back apparently.  Who doesn't love back fat?
And while some nice person is going to say something about it doesn't look like a big gain, 13lbs are sitting there.  Awesome.  But hey, my pants still fit.  Figure that one out.
Meh, as my midwife said, "you'll put it on, you'll take it off, who cares!"  She's fabulous.
It's nice that though I'm technically still seeing a perinatologist this time around because of last time's issues, I'm really mostly seeing the midwife.  She's cool.  Also she gave me the official go ahead to run my little heart out, rolling her eyes when I told her I needed official medical approval for all the naysayers.  Really I don't need it, but people seem to nag me less when I tell them that I've asked my dr and have the go ahead.  I'm green-lighted for anything I feel up for.  Half marathons on the calendar in March?  Yes please!  Hopefully I'll still be up for that in two months.

Almost 22wks now, things are plugging along way too fast.  This pregnancy is flying.  I do wish time would slow down just a tad.
Everything is looking perfect with baby.  She has been watched very closely or the past two months, especially brain anatomy.  We've had a couple of very detailed and thorough ultrasounds, and everything is as it should be.  It's pretty crazy to look at all the little gray splotches inside her head and know what many of them are based on previous experience.  It's pretty fabulous to see everything exactly where it should be.  I'll have to post a comparison picture between her head scan and Sam's-it's amazing to see the difference.

Thankfully this little girl is fabulously active.  I love so much feeling her jump around in there.  My placenta is smack dab in the middle up front so it blocks a lot of the movement I would normally feel right in there in the middle of my belly.  Apparently it's huge from what I keep being told too.  Not sure what to make of that tidbit of information.  Despite from the extra insulation in her way, she makes her presence known.  I love it.  Can't wait till she's a little bigger and I can see her kicks and jabs a little better.

That's about it in the pregnancy department.  Very grateful there isn't much more to say about it.  What a very different experience this time around.  My thoughts float back to Sam's pregnancy and certain things that happened at certain's interesting to relive that.  It feels so far away sometimes, but way too fresh at other times.  An interesting perspective for sure.

And now I'm going to go negate every mile I ran today by eating chocolate covered gummy bears and Reese's stuffed Oreos.  Good night!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The knee won. The goal lost.

Almost three weeks into the new year.
No Christmas wrap up, no year end reminiscing, no big post about resolutions.

Holy smokes life is crazy!

Aaron is back in school, two nights a week of clinicals (till the wee hours of the morning) and two nights a week with late classes leaves me playing single mom again.  Only nine more weeks this quarter.....
(not that I'm counting)
Every free moment gets snatched up with something.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate homework?
How about science fairs?  Have I mentioned that I loathe those?

So what does this have to do with a knee and a goal?
Oh hey, how about I do part of an end of the year wrap up?
Ok, I will!

The only real goals for last year that I ever put up here on ye olde blog were running goals.  Thanks to one of those fabulous TAG posts, I did share those.  And they were:

Currently-to actually be able to run again.  for more than a mile and a half. 
Sad.  (curse you knee!)
Already signed up for my first 2011 Tri, so I'm gunning to run that leg faster than I did last time I did this event, especially since my baby will be the same age as my last baby was last time I did this Tri.
Run 1000 miles.
Run my first marathon.
New PRs all the way around (5K, 10K and 1/2).

Good news!
I ran again.  For more than a mile and a half.  phew!
I KILLED the run leg on that tri.  36:25 the first time I did that event, 26:12 this past year.  Killed.
I ran my first marathon.  Loved it.
Hit new PRs, by more than 4min on the 5k, more than 14min on the 10k (I'd only raced one before, while sick, and 9wks post baby so that wasn't hard to beat!), and though I didn't race any half marathons, I did a handful of training runs that had me at or sub 2hrs at the 13mile mark so I know I could have raced a PR.  Close enough for me.   Plus I clocked my fastest mile ever at 6:54.  For a not so speedy gal, that felt good!

But that 1000 miles....Oh, the thousand miles.
That's where the knee won.  After a very wimpy start to the year mileage-wise while I fiddled with my knee and then ITband, I did some great makeup work during the summer as I trained for St George.  But the good old IT band again, and then the knee as well, foiled me in the last few months of the year.  I didn't even hit 900.  Ouch.
But oh well.  Life goes on, now I have a fresh new year in front of me and I'm ticking away at that 1000 mark.  Better to have babied my left leg through it's issues and have it functional now.  Hopefully there won't be much babying required.  Well, at least for anything other than the baby.
So can I hit 1000 this year even though there will be a little break thanks to baby?  We'll see!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Haircut

My little Sammy boy had his first haircut.  Ok, a few weeks ago, but hey, I'm a little slow lately.

I loved his wispy hair, but really, it was getting out of control.

It was time.

Why is it so hard to have that first haircut happen?

Oh yeah....because then that little baby looks more like a little boy.

A very mischievous little boy!