Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Months!!

Happy two months to my little munchkin.  Wow....the time really does goes faster with each one.  It's just not fair.  

Tomorrow is the big two month dr appointment with the weigh in (I'm guessing about 11 1/2lbs) and her first shots.  Poor kid.

Charlotte's Blessing

So it's only been almost a week and I'm finally getting to it!  Geesh!  Hate it when life gets in the way. ;)

Last Sunday we blessed Charlotte.  It was a wonderful day-something that was very needed in the midst of all of what's going on at the moment.  Nothing fancy or exciting, just some of the fam and a close friend.  But we were super excited that my older brother drove all the way out here, even if he did only stay for about 15 minutes.  Thanks for coming, we were very happy to have you there! (even if I do apparently owe you $50 for wearing a shirt to church)

It was great to have Aaron's brother out with us too-it was fun watching the two brothers and Aaron's best friend bantering back and forth all afternoon.  Nice to see the mood lightened a little bit, despite his recent diagnosis.

My sister spent the night at our house on Saturday so that we could go to the temple and have someone we trusted home with the kids (including baby!  eek!).  She was great-and still talked to us when we got home late Saturday night so we take that to be a good sign.  heh  Having her there on Sunday morning was a great help in getting everything ready to go for lunch right after church, as well as getting all the kidlets ready to go and out the door with time to spare.   Not to mention she made some very cute cookies! Thanks Kel!  (make sure you see my favorite picture of her cute family...Nick was SO excited to be here!  ha!)

Though I had finished Charli's dress months before she was born, I realized on Friday that I had never put buttons on the back or made the shoes.  Whoops.  Thankfully I was able to knock that out in a little extra time on Saturday.  The shoes weren't exactly what I had planned (can we say improvise??), but they turned out better than I expected!  We went from this:

To this: 

And they look darn cute on!

And of course there had to be matching accessories in the form of the flower headband and the bracelet!  This is where having a little girl is FUN!  And I think her two doting sisters enjoy it almost as much as I do.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not so good news

I had wondered when Aaron was going to mention any of it and didn't want to step on his toes, so I hadn't said anything here yet.

Unfortunately this week brought some tough news for Aaron's family. His Dad who was hoping to wrap up a nasty divorce at the court date this week was pretty much just stomped on, so it will now be dragging out into a trial to end Dec 24. Merry Christmas. Poor guy.

On top of that we found out that the reason Aaron's brother hasn't been feeling well lately is that he has cancer. The original diagnosis was Thyroid, and with further testing it has been confirmed to be Thyroid that has also spread into his chest and lymph nodes. Of course everyone is trying to be optimistic and hope for the best. He goes into surgery one week from today, we'll see how it goes after that I guess.

You can read Aaron's take on things here.

So for the family members that happen to read this, there will be a family fast for both of them on Sunday. Anyone else who would be willing to join in the fast, or to add them to your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have to say that it's nice that even on the crazy days, my sweet little Charlotte greets me like this:

(although I think that bow might be a tad bit big still! lol)
Such a fun stage!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Oh yah. NO ONE.

All right-I'm going the way of the blogging gripe. Just because I can.

So today was one of those days. Of course it was. Too many things to do, not enough hours to do it. And I made the mistake of splurging 45 min on myself to work out this morning. Keeping baby happy for that long since she woke up just 10min into my work out was enough of a challenge. Add to that children (duh), schooling, 6 loads of laundry, two baskets full of ironing that I was trying to make a dent in, and planning on feeding the missionaries tonight, and you know the only answer to that equation is frazzled mom.

I miraculously did get all the laundry folded and mostly put away, got some ironing done, got through most of the day's school assignments, and got started on food. When the cute little Elders come for dinner, I try to make it nice. So I made a nice dinner. Some of it was time consuming. Plus since I wanted to do cheesecakes for my shoe party tomorrow (btw-I'm having a shoe party tomorrow! heh), and I prefer them to chill overnight instead of just for a couple of hours, I needed to get started on those. No problem I figured! I can do that and get the house clean-especially since Aaron is home by 4:30 and the missionaries won't be here until 5, he can help finish up dinner and get the table set.

Whoops-didn't figure for dessert for tonight. Oh well, Aaron can just swing by the store on his way home. So I give him a call. But he hadn't left work yet. Oh. So much for that. Thankfully we were offered some peaches so we could go the cobbler route and dessert was saved. phew. The other things I needed I can pick up tomorrow. But the bummer-Aaron *hoped* he'd make it home before company arrived. great. Oh yah-I was supposed to go pick something up from someone, and drop something else off sometime between 4:30 and 5. You know, after Aaron gets home, but before the dinner guests arrive. So much for that.

I enlisted as much help as possible from the kids, and they did pretty well, but there's only so much they can do, and not much I can do with a screaming baby. It was one of those times where I look at breastfeeding and am slightly annoyed. I love nursing my babies, and I usually love the sit-down break it gives me during the day. But on a day like today when everything I needed to get done was not do-able while nursing, spending nearly 3 1/2hrs just sitting and feeding the baby was hard. But hey, she's still alive, more than plump, and I guess the breaks were good for me on some level.

So, at this point I threw cheesecake #1 back in the oven (it has a double cook time after a second layer) for it's 10 minutes, got myself showered and presentable (including make up and hair!) in less than 8 minutes (so as not to let the cheesecake overcook. And yes I showered this morning, but after mad dash cleaning and a lot of time ironing and the lovely hormones, I was a sweaty pig and needed another shower). I then strapped baby up in a wrap, hoped she'd fall asleep and let me delay her dinner by a little longer, headed back in to take out the cheesecake and put the rolls in the oven.

I was thrilled when Aaron walked in at 10 minutes to 5, although I'm sure he didn't think that when saw me. Sorry babe. And the missionaries were not early. Good news. So at that point I just prayed that the chicken actually cooked all the way through.

With Aaron home, my frayed nerves calmed, and dinner finally coming together, we waited. And waited. And waited. And then the kids started asking "when are we eating?" And food was getting cold. And so we finally called the guy who sets up the dinner appointments. No answer. OK. It's now 5:45. Hmmmm.... Finally we get a call back and Aaron asks "So...where are the missionaries?" "OH", replies said guy. "They had a schedule change and aren't going to be able to do dinner tonight."

For real?

Aaron-still calm and polite then asks "So when did they let you know this?" (thinking of course it must have just happened)

"Ummm, last Wednesday. I should have called, but I just, um, forgot."

You just "um, forgot"??? To let the chick with 7 kids,including a less than 2 month old, and who is still occasionally prone to PP moments, know that she wasn't actually feeding extras? When you had a week's notice?

Bless my husband for being patient and kind. He just said "ok-thanks" and hung up. I would have probably explained just why said guy should be happy he wasn't in my presence when he made this announcement, 45 min after we expected them.

And really-I should go to more effort more often to make "nicer" dinners for my own family. But on a day like today, knowing that I could have had just a slightly less stressful afternoon and evening would have been helpful. Oh well. The house was very clean, dinner was great (the chicken did cook all the way), and we even had a great peach cobbler for dessert thanks to James.

And not only did Aaron calm me down, take over making sure that dinner was ready and on the table, he read stories to the kids and rubbed my feet tonight. He deserves a big fat gold star for today. : )

(and my cheesecakes are chilling in the fridge!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

How 'bout them Cougs?

Missed the game but the score was certainly worth noting.

UCLA got spanked. Hard.

59-0. ouch.

Funny thing is my first thought was "I bet that made my grandma happy!" heehee She complained about the officiating in last week's squeak past Washington. See-second marriages can be a good thing. After my (paternal) grandma died 10yrs ago, we never thought Gramps would get remarried. He couldn't have picked a better woman than Ann to fill in for our missing Grandma! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Seriously-So Blessed!


I'm laughing to myself here.

I got a package in the mail today. Hand addressed (I really hope that "limited" was pretty limited!), with a little embellished Thank You card in it-hand written. The girl is out of control. And absolutely genius. I'm quite certain she's laughing herself all the way to the bank.

So....What did I get?

Good Timing. I needed the reminder this afternoon! ; )

Thursday, September 11, 2008


As my days often blend together, this morning all that registered was that it was Thursday, Malia had a field trip today and I had to drive AM carpool. I got all the kids ready and piled into the car by 8:25 and headed to pick up the first carpool kid.
We drove past the school right by our house and I saw that the flag was at half-staff. i glanced to the South just a bit and saw that the city office flag and the main roundabout flag were both fully up. Huh. Feeling a little out of it I called Aaron. "Have I missed something? Why isn't the flag up?" After an awkward pause he said "Catey-today is the 11th."


It was like a phantom sucker punch.

Have you forgotten?

Seven years ago I was just hanging out at home with my 15 month old and almost 3yr old. I was 6 wks away from delivering our third child. I always look straight to the clock upon waking and noticed that it was 6:42 am. I was kind of bugged that it was so early and I'd woken up even though the kids were still sleeping but decided to get up anyway. I remember Aaron calling and telling me to turn on the TV-that one of the Towers in NY was hit by a plane. I turned on the TV but was confused and told him it was just a picture of some other building on fire. I realized at the camera pulled back that it was the Pentagon. Coverage then turned back to New York and within minutes saw the footage of when second plane hit. Watching that was like getting hit right in the gut. I stood there in my bathrobe watching it unfold and just feeling sick. There was a slight feeling of panic-just how much worse was this going to get? Malia kept asking what was wrong-it was frustrating to tell her that I didn't know. It was a little eerie when I realized what time I had woken up that morning, I've not ever forgotten than.

What an interesting turn that day was. It was nothing short of horrific for obvious reasons. Anger, shock, disbelief, was all there. But also hope. What a refreshing change it was to suddenly have everyone wanting to work together. Everyone wanting to make our country better, no matter your political affiliation. Suddenly everyone flew the flag, choked up at the National Anthem, professed their love of our great nation.

I miss that.

As I drove the kids to school, the roads were lined with flags. One of them mentioned "oh, some other guy must be coming home today", as it is tradition in our little city to line the streets with flags and yellow ribbons when soldiers from our city return home-a small token of thanks for the sacrifice made by them and their families. I found myself struggling with my emotions as I told them why the flags were out today. The main response was "oh yah." And then conversation turned to the coming events of the day. It was interesting to me what little difference it seemed to make to them. A reminder that as a parent I must do a better job instilling in my children just how great the sacrifices are that have been made on their behalf, by countless people over the past 200+ years. They need to know that some of our friends and family members shipped off into the middle of it all so that we can be here, blissfully ignorant of just what they do on our behalf each day, as we go about our days.

(and yes, the other flags were fixed by the time I was home 2hrs later)

To those of you who sent your family out there, and continue to do so-thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's been a while, and since it's my official title here, I thought I'd go this route again and just dump my brain.

Dawn-props for posting your views. Love you!

To my dear cbett-welcome to the world of blogging! heehee You know now you'll have to start one.... I am embarrassed to say just how much I look forward to seeing your comments on Aaron's blog. But even more so on Kelsey's!

This was the view out my front door this morning.

I love the rain. Today is one of those great days where you open all the windows and it smells so wonderful. The perfect day for baking and reading. So guess what we did today? School's assignments were read-a-thon and practice reading a recipe. 4 loaves of zucchini bread so far. Now it smells even better in here.

I read Report Card (Andrew Clements). You should read it-it is much more profound that the audience it was written for will even pick up on. It reminded of me of this post from last year.

I love juvenile fiction. I could read Junie B. books every day.

Alaina read Ramona's World (Beverly Cleary) and There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom (Louis Sacchar). Before 1pm. The girl amazes me. And she retains all of it. Wish I could do that.

Taylor read about bats and Twisters. Then we looked up stuff with the National Weather Service to track Ike. I caught a conversation between he and Alaina shortly thereafter and he was telling her that he knew everything because he knew approximately when the hurricane should hit Texas. lol

These are things that make me love the flexibility of homeschooling. And help me get through those moments where I envy the moms who get to ship all their kids out in the morning and have some time to themselves. Or at least keep the house clean for more than twenty minutes.

I have vacuumed three times today. I will probably have to vacuum at least twice more. Maybe three times since they kids are making popcorn now.

I still can't decide if I like all the curriculum. Some of it I love. Some of it I could do without but am legally bound to use this year. blah. Oh well. 18 days down, only 162 more required by law.

Dallin cracks me up. He tried to duplicate the powdered sugar escapade yesterday. He failed.

I taught Taylor's Primary class two weeks before Charlotte was born. It was on gratitude. At the end of the lesson everyone drew something they were thankful for. This is what I drew. I was dumping Malia's camera onto the computer and saw that she had taken a picture of it. It made me smile.
I can't wait until my new shirt arrives in the mail. It is Kick-A. Literally.

It makes me want to order a shirt for my brother that I'm not brave enough (stupid enough?) to wear. Or one for Aaron. Free Tibet (with purchase of Tibet of equal or greater value).

I made these little babies this weekend,

courtesy of Bakerella. Love her website. I wish mine had turned out as cute as hers. Guess I'll just have to keep making them over and over until I have it perfected. darn. They are good enough that I would make them just for me. And not share. Well, maybe with a couple of people.

I have rekindled my love of sewing. It wasn't just a nesting thing after all. Now I'm going to put it to some good use. I hope.

I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on fabric. Specifically Michael Miller and Amy Butler. Who knew one day I'd be a fabric snob. Especially since I still happily shop the $1/yd table at Wal-mart.

Only one more week until my shoe party. Woo-hoo!

I saw this

and loved it. I want one. Apparently everyone and their dog has one though. That's ok-I'm a mom of seven and live in the sticks so I can be a bit behind the times. Even if it is overused I still love it.
I found this one

And laughed. hard. Thought of buying both and changing it on the days when I feel snarky, but I realized I don't want my children using that word. They've picked up enough garbage over the past year. Thankfully not from home. Sadly, from school or friends. *sigh* (Oh, the stories from the last few months....)

Everyone wants to come up with some brilliant invention, right? Especially us moms who are home all day. Many of us dream of hitting just the right niche in the baby/child market and making it big. This
is not it. Honestly-a lot weird and kind of creepy. Good intentions gone wrong.
The worst part-it SOLD OUT on when it was featured. If I see your child wearing this, please forgive me if I scream. It makes me feel claustrophobic. And creeped out. Geesh, people think clowns are bad....

Charlotte won't nap today unless she is being held. Even then the most I have gotten out of her is about an hour while she was tucked up in my wrap. I love my wrap. It is the only reason I have gotten anything done today.

I love to listen to Dallin talk. He is so animated. We get many opportunities to listen to him because he never stops talking. Funny Kid. Look for his Magic Teeny Car story soon.

I saw someone's blog yesterday where one post was 18 pictures of their child eating. Rice cereal. Yes, 18 pictures. I counted because there were an awful lot. Granted, the kid was cute and it's their first kid, and I think they are in a different state from all of their family, so that made it ok, but still, 18 pictures a lot. It is funny to watch people with their first kid. I'd love to go back in time and watch Aaron and I with just one kid. I'm sure I'd find it very amusing.

Speaking of overkill with babies, this is the end of the newborn diapers.
Charlotte is launching into size ones today. She's getting so big. I miss her skinny little bird legs. Now her thighs have little rolls like mine. :P

The word of the day is salsa. A neighbor of ours made some and brought us a jar. Lincoln has said "salsa" a lot. And it sounds funny.

And now I have to go wrangle kids together so I can pick up for carpool.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I read something today that made me laugh and roll my eyes at the same time. It was a post by a friend of my about losing her readers for her opinions. I know the spirit in which she made the comment, but I also know that there are people who are constantly afraid to say what they think for fear of hurting somebody's feelings-especially since they aren't sure just who may be peeking in on their blog. It reminded me of someone else who a few months ago posted an apology on her blog. She listed initials of people who she might have offended in the past with some of her posts. While I think she's a wonderful person, and very kind-hearted to even think to apologize for something that may or may not have hurt feelings, I thought it was totally and completely unnecessary. Had she said something hurtful or mean or inappropriate, sure. But she shouldn't have to apologize for her opinions.

So here's my opinion; Blogs are mostly our personal ramblings. Things we may not have the kahones to admit right out loud in a group conversation, but can type out on our own personal turf. I know people (myself included) who have specifically not posted stories or events or thoughts because of the fear "but what if so-and-so reads this?", or those who specifically post something just because they know a particular person will be likely to read it and they don't dare say something to their face. I have to admit that I hesitated to vent about this figuring someone will read something into it. Nope. Just sayin. My thinking in both cases is as follows: get over it.

Unfortunately sometimes it goes the other way-hidden in the anonimity of being online, some people just get downright mean. That's even worse. Didn't you ever learn to play nice?

We're all adults here-if you don't like someone's opinion, don't read their blog. Pull up your big girl panties and move on. It's not like you are trapped in their living room watching the slides from their last family vacation.

Yikes-I sound angry. Nope-I'm not. Just pontificating on how silly I think it all is that everyone is so worried about what other people think. Just be who you are! Because as ironic as it is-most people don't care about it nearly as much as we fear they do!

(and thank you Lisa and Dawn for the phrase of the day! lol Made me snicker in both cases!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's coming. And it's wearing boots.

Can you feel it?

Walk outside and take a big deep breath. Can you smell it? It's there! Fall!

And did you catch the frost yesterday morning? Hello! Too early for that.

You know what that means, right? Time for a good fall candle and some new boots! (Yay shoes! :P)

Time for lots of baking and the Eddie Bauer sale! (do they still do that?)

I like fall. and that makes me want to bake a pie. (I know a few people who like pie. or are soup nuts.)

Seriously though-MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Shoe party here on Wed Sept 17th. Someone make sure Annika knows that it's with 4 The Love of Shoes! If you don't get a little invite it's because I never get enough of them. But if you see this-you're invited! (and feel free to bring a friend too!) I'll have to double check with my fabulous shoe friends Sam and Sarah, but they should have their boots by then! And I'll have a variety of cheesecakes as well! Because the only thing better than a shoe store in your home is a shoe store in your home that serves cheesecake! Plan on it!

(I used all those exclamation points just for you Aaron!!!! heehee)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jacob's first day of K!

Catching up!
Jacob started Kindergarten last week and is loving every second! Like all the other kids in the neighborhood with older siblings, he had a horrible time that first week of school when Malia got to leave everyday and he didn't get to go to school yet. He was so very happy when his first day finally rolled around!

He is in the beloved Mrs. Webber's class (HOORAY!!!!! Best teacher ever! Honestly, I'm not sucking up here, I truly do adore this woman!), and we are really looking forward to spending this entire year with her. Those of you who will have Kindergarteners next year-see if you can get on her waiting list NOW. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, she is worth it!

Jacob wasted no time jumping right into things. Hopefully he will be this enthusiastic all year long!

We have made it through a full week now and he is still thrilled to leave every morning. There have been two days now where Jacob has walked (mostly) on his own-apparently he's too big for me to walk him to school each morning. I did make it to the end of the block with him today before he took off with the rest of the neighborhood kids. He sill lets me pick him up each afternoon though, and runs screaming "MOM!!!" as he comes barrelling towards me out the classroom door. The kid knows how to make a mom feel loved.