Monday, September 15, 2008

How 'bout them Cougs?

Missed the game but the score was certainly worth noting.

UCLA got spanked. Hard.

59-0. ouch.

Funny thing is my first thought was "I bet that made my grandma happy!" heehee She complained about the officiating in last week's squeak past Washington. See-second marriages can be a good thing. After my (paternal) grandma died 10yrs ago, we never thought Gramps would get remarried. He couldn't have picked a better woman than Ann to fill in for our missing Grandma! :)


Michael and Tiffany said...

LOVE football season!

Kelsey said...

It wasn't even a game.

Kelsey said...

It wasn't even a game.

5Pack said...

GO UTES! Sorry Catey but I had to do it. I'm surrounded by BYU fans...2 of which happen to be my husband and son, so you see, I have to represent!