Monday, June 6, 2011

Princesses and Bad Guys

Princesses and Bad Guys has become the make believe game of choice at our house lately.

I couldn't tell you where it came from.  I wonder the same.

The other morning Lincoln wanted me to join in.  So once Sam was napping, Charlotte and I were the princesses and he was the bad guy.

The game goes as follows:
The princesses are picking flowers in a field.  We picked flowers.
Then the bad guys come and cut off our legs.  (whaaaat?!)
But Charlotte apparently knew this was coming so she snuck into the top bunk bed-the castle-and hid (giggling) under the covers.  Good hiding technique as apparently the bad guy can't hear giggling and thus couldn't find her.
After he sprayed me with poison ivy (green socks), my leg was cut off (via sword) and I was told that I was dead.  When I pointed out that it wouldn't kill me, Lincoln told me that I wasn't really really dead, but that I'd wake back up in a minute.
After I wake back up I get to run hop to the castle.  But then he throws me in the dungeon. (the bottom bunk)
After laying there for a minute he reminds me that I have strong muscles and that I can break out of the dungeon.
Smart boy.
I then rescued Charlotte from the castle and we hop away, throwing those previously picked flowers at the bad guy to ward him off as we make our great escape.

And then it's time for smoothies.


XLMIC said...

That sounds so fun the way your kids play it :P When mine do it, there is lots of screaming and eventually real blood is shed... everyone gets sent to their own rooms and there are definitely NO smoothies. Can I come live at your house?