Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Appliance Repair Ninja

I have skills.
Not nun-chuck skills or tetherball skills.

Appliance repair skills.
I am the appliance repair ninja.

My hit list this month so far?  The washing machine and a Kitchenaid mixer.
Mad skills I tell ya.

Two weeks ago our washer stopped draining.  Or rather it mostly stopped draining.
One load wouldn't finish, but we removed the laundry, drained it manually, then tried running an empty load.  Oddly enough, it worked.  We then washed a load of laundry and it drained fine.  Hmm.

The next day-back to not draining.

Since Aaron is gone much of the time, and loaded with homework the rest of the time, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Besides, what man wouldn't love a text from his wife featuring this picture

And the words "I hope you love me!"?

I took the washer apart.  Like all the way apart.
Want to see what happens to my house when I am taking a washing machine apart instead of being the mom?


Thankfully Aaron got home shortly after I finished taking it apart and helped me clear out all the drain hoses.  Nasty job.  I told him I thought it was the drain motor, and being the good husband he is, he said "I think you're right."  What a great man!

We put the whole thing back together hoping that maybe clearing out the drain hoses would do the job and we wouldn't need the motor in the end.  We got through five loads the next day-just enough to do all the towels and the things that really needed to be washed-before it really quit.
Turns out I was right, it was the drain motor.

It took a week to get the part, during which time a great friend let me use her washer a few times, and Aaron took one very large trip to the laundromat.

When the part arrived, Aaron handed it to me so I could finish the project I started.

I took the washer apart again and I think he completely enjoyed watching me do it. And took multiple pictures of the process.

Drain pump motor replaced,

washer put back together.

Good as new.
And a husband who is even more impressed with is wife than he already was.
Who loved taking this picture of me reaching back there to plug the thing back in.

 Everybody wins.



XLMIC said...

You are now even more my heroine. To even attempt that... while it sounds like something I might actually try... while having kids running around ... and have it WORK in the end!!!! Totally my heroine.
Did he make that last pic his screen saver?

Rheanna said...

way to go, I'm impressed! Can I call you to fix my appliances too when they die? :o)

jamiem said...

OMG I'm so impressed!!

Kelsey said...

you're hired.

Ashley said...

Men find those kinds of things sexy...I will NOT be telling Steve about this OR showing him the pics of you fixing it...ha!

Sandra said...

Ok, I'm very impressed. I don't even know which way the tools are supposed to be held. However, I do think honing your tetherball skills would be good too.

DIAZ BLOG said...

I think that by the last picture it wasn't about the washer at all...hehe. but for arguements sake.....way to go. I now know who to call when I have problems around here!

Handsfullmom said...

I LOVE that picture of what happens when you're fixing the washer. I can SO relate.

Brooke Harris said...

Nice job, Catey! It definitely seems like you’re capable of working your way around the house and dealing with these kinds of problems. Even your husband was impressed with what you did! Well, DIY repairs are always a great boost to a person’s self-esteem, if anything else. But if the problem goes beyond what you know, it would be best to bring it up to an expert. In any case, you’re definitely the appliance repair ninja, Catey!

Brooke Harris

Charlie McPoyle said...

Wow! I'm impressed, I would have destroyed all my appliances if I tried to fix them. This shows great determination and a skill set to repair something. Way to go! http://www.applianceservicecentre.ca

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