Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday morning

It's Friday morning.

I went to wake Malia up to get ready for school.  She asked me for five more minutes to go back to sleep and finish her dream.
I told her she was nuts.
She tried to convince me that she had "figured out how to do it" and could indeed go back to sleep for five minutes to finish her dream.
I told her she was nuts.
Aaron then told me that he can do that and she's not nuts.
I think they're both nuts.

At breakfast, Lincoln told me that he is allergic to people.  Not all people, "like not you Mom, just strangers".  Ok.

Aaron has surgery in a few hours.  He got up this morning and asked for Comet and a scrub brush.  In a great act of chivalry he scrubbed out the tub and shower while he still has both arms.  He told me that this way if he dies in surgery I can tell everyone that he was so wonderful that even his last act was that of heroically scrubbing our bathroom.
He is wonderful.  I don't love scrubbing the bathroom.
Also he'd better not die.



Kelsey said...

I wish I could do that.

Justin said...

I agree, they are nuts. I think if you go back to the same dream, it's really your conscious self just telling a story, not as cool as a dream. : )

Ashley said...

Ummm...I can do it too! Not every dream, but I can. We are not crazy, just special people with special talents...don't knock it!