Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rain Gutter Regatta

We are fully entrenched into Cub Scouts here.  Taylor is in his third year (it starts at 8yrs old here), and we are gearing up for lots of years ahead with our herd full of boys.

Each time I give birth to a boy I am reminded by one of or sometimes both of my parents-in-law, "This means __ more merit badges!"  Yep.  I know.  Good thing they have an awesome Dad who enjoyed Scouting!

We are just embarking on years of dozens of Pinewood Derby cars and Rain Gutter Regatta boats.
This part I don't mind so much.  If I were smart I would just go buy a dozen of the kits for each now so we have them on hand.
I love how much fun the kids have at these races!  And I love that Aaron makes the kids (well, thus far just Taylor) actually do the vast majority of the making of the cars and boats.  Really and truly.  And contrary to past rumor.

The Rain Gutter Regatta was last week.  

Our cute friend Ashley was there since her oldest son is in Scouts now.

(sorry, I couldn't resist)

Taylor had a blast making his boat, even though it was a last minute creation.  We went with the same catamaran design as last year (yes, it meets all the requirements, despite it looking different!), and gave it a Pirate twist.

I give you The Black Pearl:

Our troop is fairly new, and last year was our first experience with a Regatta.  Taylor's boat did really well last year, so we hoped it would do well again this year.

It killed.

Really and truly I believe that these events are about the experience of making your boat (or car in the case of the Derby), and the fun of racing it.  But it is also fun to watch your kid do well.

He took first place again this year, and was very excited about it, especially since next year he will be 11 and officially a Boy Scout and no longer in the Regatta running.

Taylor also received his Bear that night.

Awww....pinning his proud mom.



Kelsey said...

bahahahah can you imagine Cole in Scouts :) Sorry kid, the only thing you'll learn about roughing it is staying in a crappy hotel.
Way to go Tay!

Rheanna said...

I can't wait for Scouts! Rain gutter regatta is my absolute favorite scouting event! Way to go Taylor!

Ashley said...

Just kidding, I am just glad that my hand was over my face - perfect timing! I had 'one of those days'...thanks for documenting it for me. ;)

Dan Anderson said...

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