Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A conversation with Dallin

Did you wash your hands when you left the bathroom?

Why do I have to wash my hands every time?

Because you don't want potty germs on your hands. That would be as bad as putting your face in the toilet every time you touch your face. Or eating dinner in the toilet if you come to dinner without washing. You wouldn't want to do that would you?

No. But have you ever dropped something in the toilet?

Unfortunatley, yes.

Yes, that happens sometimes. I did that, but it was an accident. But robbers do it sometimes.

Robbers put things in the toilet?

Yeah. Let's say that we're all going to the store. Or that we are going to Bebe and Pompa's house and are taking the dogs and the gate. And you don't lock the front door. Some robbers could just come in and take lots of things, and take armfuls of things and then just drop them in the toilet.

Is that what robbers do?

Yes. The really bad ones.



Aaron said...

I just want to know what he has dropped down the toilet since he is "really good at stealing things".

Kelsey said...

he has a thing for toilets. (see picture on your blog)

Jen said...

Gosh...I'm going to be more vigilant about locking my doors from now on...