Monday, September 20, 2010


Chevron is the closet gas station to my house.

It is also a mile marker for us runners in my neighborhood.
5 miles.

I ran 5 miles! 6 wks 3 days after baby #8, 5 miles isn't too bad!

And actually, as you can see on this very unflattering picture of my arm bent at a funky angle,
it was actually 5.13 miles from my house to Chevron.
And since I was running there, I made Aaron come and pick me up. In effort to keep my legs from tightening up, I thought I'd jog back towards home until he got to where I was, so I put in another .6, almost .7 miles. I had stopped the Garmin when I got to Chevron, and forgot to restart it, but went back and clocked it.

Yes I'm that numbers retarded.

After a couple of awful mid-week runs, I was worried that I wouldn't actually be able to pull off a 10K in a couple of weeks.
Worry is gone and I am really looking forward to it now!

Can't wait for next weekend's long(er) run!


XLMIC said...

WTG! I'm only up to about a mile and a half after an 8 year hiatus. You're inspiring me! lol