Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Challenge

I have been meaning to post this for weeks.
Considering it was a challenge for this month that is now two-thirds over.

But it's not too late!

My friend Trish over at Options For Life is hosting a challenge for the month of September.
Go check it out.

It was exactly the motivation I needed to really kick in with this running thing.
I love it, and I'm (almost) always happy that I got out for a run, but the number of excuses I have to stay home instead is astounding.
Let's be honest, running isn't easy. It isn't always fun. But I know that I need it to feel like me, so I was grateful for the little extra boost.

Also for the comments from a couple of people about motivation to be running.
(Marjorie (glad to finally know your name by the way) and Rachel, thank you! You have no idea how motivating your comments were to me!)

Don't be scared off if you aren't a runner, you can put plenty of miles on the books while walking too. And some of my miles have been walked!

My goal for the September Challenge is 42.08 miles.
Random number, huh?

42.08 miles is the distance from my house to University Hospital.
My life revolved around numerous appointments there for the last few months.
I thought we would practically be living there for the month of August.
I drove those miles back and forth countless times, so pounding out that distance on my own two feet seemed very appropriate.

I am happy to say that I am getting there. I WILL hit my 42.08 miles.

Go jump in with your own goal, even if it only encompasses this last week of September. A late start is better than not starting at all.



XLMIC said...

hee hee... yes, I have a name! so when I am gearing up for it, I'll welcome you into my marathon challenge. And I reckon you'll probably be up for it! Coming our way in late 2011 ...