Thursday, September 30, 2010

So I had this dream the other night....

Which is weird because I usually don't remember my dreams.  Except when I'm pregnant, then I get all sorts of weird dreams that are super vivid and I wake up thinking "what was that about?!".  And no, I am not pregnant.  thanks.

Anyway,  it struck me as odd that I had a dream that I remembered, and that apparently I have bigger body issues than I realized.  ha!

In my dream I was at some event sponsored by The Biggest Loser.  A race or something...I don't remember specifically.  I think this must have been triggered by a blog post I read this week by someone I follow who volunteered at a 5K sponsored by TBL.  She was assigned to help keep crowds away from Bob.  Good old Bob.
(Who is that age named Bob anyway?  No one.  Unless you live in the deep South and Bob is only half of your name, like Jo-Bob or something.)

So, back to the dream.

For some reason I met Bob, and he was less than kind about the current state of my midsection.  I tried to kindly explain to him that I had 8 children and my youngest wasn't even two months old yet.  For that I received a very condescending glare, a "that's no excuse", and he walked away.  I was baffled that he worked with all these huge people all the time and he was picking on my current state.
I don't remember much else about the dream except that we kept crossing paths at this event, and every time I saw him I would yell at him "Eight Kids!  EIGHT!!  EIGHT!!  And my baby is 2 months old!"

(Which now makes me think "say eight!  say eight!"  Brian Regan anyone?)

Gosh, everyone is afraid of Jillian, who I knew I had issues with Bob?  Apparently my subconscious and Bob do not get along.  Sorry Bob.



Celeste said...

Speaking of The Biggest Loser...The other night I was watching it and I just happened to look down at my lap (and my belly). There sat a box of Oreos (half eaten) and a tub of Red Vines...I had been snacking on both throughout the entire show. I thought to myself, "Isn't that ironic...maybe it's a sign!" Maybe "The Biggest Loser" gods are trying to tell us something...LOL!!! ;)

Lisa said...

Dream Bob is an idiot.

BTW - It's time for a BLOG update. No longer 7 kids in tow! ;)

Catey said...

Oh I ALWAYS eat when watching TBL! lol It'sa tradition now. Can"t break tradition!

Lisa-I know!! I have got to take a new picture so I can get that fixed!

Kelsey said...

i love Bob...and eating cookies while watching it :)

Heidi B C said...

That's hilarious!!! I'm always having weird dreams like that. No Bob dreams yet, though.

~LL~ said...

Nachos.... I eat nachos

And, maybe you subconsciously have a *thing* for Bob. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!