Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The answers and the winners (and my dirty little secret revealed)

1-How many loads of laundry did I do yesterday?

2-What wearable item(s) do I love?
This was kind of a poorly worded question. When I wrote it I was thinking of the things I probably have too many of, but am always willing to purchase more of! Shoes, funky socks, PJs. Oh, and good jeans (but only if they are a steal).

3-How many bags of m&ms (of various sizes) are in my closet?
What kind?
Plain, Peanut Butter, Coconut and Peanut. I do also have two bags of mint M&Ms, but they are not in my closet. Also, the Halloween stuff was not out at Walmart yet last week, so no festive ones yet, but there will be soon! :)

4-There are numerous other treats and food items in my closet. Name 2:
Ok. It's time to let you in on my dirty little secret. See this?
Normal closet, right? (look at all those ironed shirts!!!)

Move the shirts and.....
Holy moly! I know. That is embarrassing.
The worst part? Hold on to your hats for the endless variety. This stash includes:
Reeses Pieces
Reeses PB Cup
Milky Way
York Pieces
Dove chocolates
Jelly Bellies
Hershey Kisses
Hot Tamales
Smiley face gumballs
Granola Bars
Protein Bars
Lucky Charms
Lindor Balls
Life Savers
Red Vines

There are also 4 bottles of Martinellis, Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, and gummy worms stashed elsewhere in the closet.
It is also entirely possible that there is something more that I have forgotten about. Thus the reason I clean my closet out frequently.

And now everyone knows that when I say I have "a stash", I am really not kidding.
I guess the good news is that my candy lasts forever? It's not like this will all be gone in a week, or even a month.
That's it Catey, justify!

5-Have you seen any good movies lately? What?
Good to have some suggestions!
For me, we saw Despicable Me and I loved it. Saw Date Night last week, super funny, but man-why does there always have to be one scene that is just...blech? I also finally saw Did You Hear About The Morgans recently, I thought that was funny.

6-My beverage of choice is....
Water. preferably with limes.
Other acceptable answers-Root Beer (A&W-esepcially wide mouth, good call babe!), Sprite, and Simply Lemonade.

7-I am OCD about:
Two way light switches going the right direction, checking the door locks at night, my toenails being painted, my clothes sorted by color in my closet (except sweaters), making lists and how my towels are folded. Hubby also says how I load the dishwasher (though I think I've gotten much better over the years!), and how my shoes are put away.
I'm glad so many of you think I'm OCD about cleaning and exercising. Maybe I should take a hint. ha!

8-Name something I baked this week.
Cheesecake, brownies, snowball, ratatouille, tater tots, pizza
Can you believe it? No cookies!

9-How many shirts did I iron yesterday?

10-How many books did I read last week?
4! Go me! I read The Hunger Games Trilogy, and My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions (funny!). I also started The Golden Spiral (book 2 in Hourglass Door trilogy) No, I did not track the kids books.

11-What size shoe do I wear?
8 1/2
What size running shoe do I wear?
Used to be 9 1/2, currently it's a 10! Ack! I'm running around on waterskis!

12-How much did I spend at Costco this month?

13-How many dozen eggs have we been through so far this month?

14-How many pounds of cheese did I buy this month?
22lbs and change
(5lbs shredded mozzerella, 5lbs shredded cheddar/jack blend, 5lbs block cheddar, and 2 bags of string cheese that are 3lbs 12oz each. We like cheese.)

15-Why is it so unbelievably difficult to find size A nylons?
It's a conspiracy against us short people I tell you. But I found two at Walmart this week so that makes it a little better.

16-On average, how many diapers do I change per day?

17-What is the most quotable movie?
Around here, Emperor's New Groove. Also Mystery Men and Galaxy Quest are used a lot.

18-What is your favorite quote?
My favorite inspirational quote right now is "Fly without hesitation to the edge of the horizon, with outstretched wings and vivid dreams, trusting you will not fall."
Favorite funny quote depends on the day.

19-What did I eat for breakfast this morning?
Protein Shake. But that was super early, so also a yogurt and granola bar in the morning.

20-What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Nobody ate a big exotic fancy breakfast. Darn.

21-Since we have a Scentsy giveaway coming up here soon, what is my favorite Scentsy scent?
I do love the spicy/autumn/homey/baking scent types, like Sugar Cookie, Welcome Home, Winter the Summer for lighter scents I do like things with coconut, Just Peachy Ginger is my current favorite (a very good summer to fall transition scent!), Havana Cabana, and Coconut Lemongrass is like the best clean scent ever!
Apparently I can add Scentsy bricks to the list of things I am obsessed with?

22-Tell me something unique, odd, funny, amazing about you.
Good stuff out there. My husband has all sorts of answers for this and didn't even put one. Too bad. You already know entirely too much freaky stuff about me.

23-Also, I love discovering new blogs, so what is your favorite blog to read?
A lot of fun ones I have not seen before! Thanks!

24-What song gets you moving?
(I'm revamping the ipod for running-need some new tunes)
Thanks for this also. Considering Vanilla Ice was pumping through my earbuds today, apparently I need some new songs on the old ipod....

25-What color are my toenails currently painted?
I had blue glitter toes. But now they are destroyed, so it's time to change up. Who knows which direction we'll go this week.....I'm thinking I may copy Jen and go with black. Ooooo, black glitter!

And now for the winners.......

Aaron got the most right. But since he is married to me, that is to be expected. And frankly, he should have had more right answers! I'll work that out.

So who gets the prizes? Shilo and Precious 2 tied with the most right answers (after Aaron).
Way to go ladies!
The randomly selected winner is XLMIC!

Send me an email ( with your mailing address and I'll get prizes off to each of you.
(yes I do know where you live Shilo, but send me an email anyway so I for sure don't forget to bring it to you! lol)

Thanks for playing! :)



Laurie said...

Oh man, I totally missed out, I meant to come back and enter when I had more time... then I never had more time :P Gotta say, I love your stash, that's awesome! I hate ironing, you are truly amazing! Congrats to your winners... how many did your husband get? I'm thinking I should give my hubs a quiz just to see if he has a clue about some of the goings on in our house. :P

Lisa said...

I missed out too and I KNOW I would have done well. That is QUITE a stash my friend; they have a 5 step program for that you know?

Angela Clay said...

YAY on the winners!!!

Catey, u r a riot!! I love your stash!! Do you have a treat for the kids? if ur stash is so elaborate- hehe Do you save box tops? Aaron got more right than my hubby would. And plus give him credit he probably didn't want to tip tooo many people off, ya know?!
I've been on pins and needles to know how many shirts u ironed- I hate that task.
So do u like these scents:
Inner peace, cucumber lime, perfectly pomegranate, and (retired now) coconut palm?
I love the coconut clean and refreshing.
BTW, i heard if u mix the new maple butter with baked apple pie- it smells YUMMY!!

Catey said...

I hate ironing too, which is why I have to do it all in a chunk. I hate it enough that I don't do it consistently. Ironing is my other dirty little secret. The stack in my laundry room literally almost touches the ceiing. (thankfully it starts on a shelf and not the floor! lol)

Hubby got 8. Though I was tempted to give him a bonus point for making me laugh out loud at his Costco spending guess. :P

Lisa-I would love to have seen your answers!

Angela-the kids always have random treats, so I don't worry too much about them. Besides, when I bake goodies, they eat most of them too! My kids cut box tops off whenever they see them. :)
I have cucumber lime (the green one Aaron was referring to), and coconut palm which I didn't know was retired. dang. Oh well, I would rank coconut lemongrass above that so it's ok. :) Inner peace and perfectly pomegranate don't ring a bell, so I guess they didn't stand out last time I went through all of my friend's samples? I'll have to check them out!

Catey said...

Also-I forgot to mention on the ironing-19 shirts barely made a dent. Seriously. *sigh*

Shilo said...

Uh, wow...
I am super suprised! LOL!!!
Go me! hahahaa!!!

XLMIC said...

I am utterly blown away by the number of shirts you ironed! Wow! Iron is one of my least favorite tasks, too. Though I love the finished product (unless I've screwed up... lol).

~LL~ said...

FUN!!!! I wanted to enter, but I never sat for too terribly long to type out my answers.... I would have missed some, anyway, but would have gotten the answer about shoes, toes and your stash. LOL!!!

And girl.... good running music? QUEEN!!!

Jen said...

Black glitter is on my toes almost all the time. I love them!

Tiffany said...

So much fun to read :)

Casey said...

awesome post! i love your closet!!!