Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Life. Lately. it's crazy.

As if to make my point, the phone just started ringing and my dogs are spazoid barking. I'll be right back.

OK. I'm back.
Thankfully there was not also someone at the door, the dogs were just being obnoxious. I had no idea that dogs in heat are like teenage girls with PMS. And it was Aaron on the phone saying his test is over (final #2) and he's on his way home. A treat, as usually on school nights he isn't home until nearly 11. He passed final #1 last night (microbiology) with a B. Phew! He was really freaked out about that one. One more on Thursday night. Physiology. That ought to be fun.

I am typing one-handed, as I am holding Sam. I love holding this sweet boy, but today my arms are getting tired. Poor kid has been one unhappy camper today. He has cried almost every second he wasn't being held, save a few moments in the swing and the time in the carseat while we were at Walmart. Thank goodness he slept through Walmart. Everyone knows that Walmart trips never need any extra issues.

I have all these blog posts that I start and never get finished. It is killing me because there are so many things I have to say. If to no one but myself. Hey, blogs make for convenient journaling. Unfortunately the days whiz by at mach speed leaving little time for more than a title, a few notes so I can remember what I wanted to write about, and one more second to hit "save as draft" before my presence is needed to put out another fire. I need to write down things that are happening before I forget. I want to share more pictures of this little guy
who is growing way too fast and already changing so much.

Even pictures like this
And then I realized that I haven't even shared his birth story. And he'll be 7 weeks old tomorrow. You'd think I'm busy taking care of him all day every day or something.

Thankfully he is being a bit more peaceful tonight. Could have something to do with the fact that I am holding him. I am glad he doesn't cry when I am holding him, as it makes me worry a little less about it being something serious making him cry vs just needing a little extra love and attention today.

Scratch the 367 things on the to do list and replace with "hold baby".

Today was supposed to be super productive. Turns out all I got done were a few loads of laundry, one of dishes and a trip to the store. I did finally cave and break out the Fall decor (and scents, yay!) and get the front flower bed mostly cleaned out, so I guess that counts for something. No one died today, stories were read, children were fed, one bedroom was cleaned out, homework got done, and even if I didn't start my new projects, at least the supplies were purchased so I can get started tomorrow. Hopefully. But if nothing else, I am caught up on laundry (not ironing, surprise surprise), and the house is clean. And my bed did get made today. Even if that didn't get done until 3:00 this afternoon.

I was really looking forward to the break that Aaron has from school next week before this next quarter starts. I still am. Mostly. But now instead of looking forward to evenings with my hubby home, I am looking forward to days and nights of him drugged up and tied together. He has needed shoulder surgery for quite some time and we found out today that it will happen on Friday. Hello! Honestly, the timing is absolutely perfect (he won't miss school), but it also stinks. We were hosting a big adult cousin party here on Friday night, that obviously ain't happenin' now! Sam's MRI is on Monday, with the original plan being for Aaron to be up during most of the night before with him so I could be conscious enough to drive us to the hospital and function through the next day. We assume he will be up for most of the night as we have been told no eating for 12hrs before sedation. I'm hoping that is shortened when they realize it's a 7wk old baby and it won't take 12hrs for his little tiny stomach to be empty. Even if it's 8hrs though, that's a long time for a baby to go without nursing. Heck, it's a long time for a mom to go without nursing! Now since my husband will likely be in a drug induced stupor, it looks like it's time to pull out the cape and be Super Mom for a bit.

But hey, maybe I'll tape the hubs while drugged up. He really is quite entertaining on meds. And if your phone number is in his phone, be warned-he has known to text in the middle of the night while totally high on narcotics. Those have been fun.
Also emails. Unfortunately last time the emails went to a teacher of his (a few months ago with the spleen issues). That was great to explain.

He is still asking to go to the party on Friday night-it's still on, just relocated. That might just be more entertainment that anyone bargained for.

I need to reschedule the big extended family pictures that I finally got set up with everyone. I'd prefer not to have pictures that include Aaron in a sling. Nice.

I am plugging along dairy free. This is not easy for me. I caved and bought some almond milk today, because I just couldn't stand mixing another protein shake with water. And since cheese is decent portion of the protein I get, I for sure need the shakes. Almond milk isn't bad. It tastes like....well, almonds. Go figure. Day 4 with no dairy. 2 1/2 weeks left to go to really get a good evaluation of whether or not it is milk protein that is bothering that little tummy.

I am desperately in need of a run. I get this way on Tuesday nights. I was hoping to hop on the treadmill and knock out a couple of miles this afternoon, but that obviously didn't happen. I am skeptical of it happening tonight. Maybe. The good news is that tomorrow Aaron will be here sometime in the evening and will still be coherent and drug free with two functional arms, so I should be able to squeeze in some mileage.

I was hoping for a 7 miler on Saturday, but wasn't planning on a husband laid up in bed, strung up in a sling and floating on pain meds. Maybe I'll be brave enough to leave Sam with a good friend for an hour while everyone is sleeping and sneak out. We'll see.

Child #2 came home sick from school today. #1 was still home sick after puking her guts out last night. Can we make it through tomorrow without someone sick? My fingers are crossed.

So tomorrow? Tomorrow will be better. Not that today was bad.
Tomorrow will be more productive.
We will all get a nice good long sleep tonight. (ha!)
No one will be sick tomorrow. (pleeeeeeease?!)
I will finish painting the walls that I started yesterday.
I will redo the bathroom cabinet. (Aaron gave the thumbs up!)
I will finish sewing the 7 aprons I started last night, and get my other fabric cut. (6 weeks till the next boutique, and the Etsy shop has been on vacation mode way too long)
I will think about the ironing that I will eventually do. maybe.
I will shred all that zucchini and get it to the freezer, and bake some bread with it as well.
I will convince my almost 4yr old that he does not in fact need to wear shoes to bed.
I will paint my toenails.

Or I will hold my baby all day.
Which really wouldn't be the end of the world.
'Cause all that other stuff will still be there on Thursday too.
And keeping a baby happy is sometimes the most productive thing of all.



Kelsey said...

yikes. Sammy sure is cute :)

XLMIC said...

He really is adorable!

Malinda said...

He looks great!!! I am of dairy too for my little one. Nucoa is a good butter substitute, and if you wanna trade any dairy-free recipes I'm all for it!