Monday, September 20, 2010

The cow is out of commission

Yes folks, I am attempting to go dairy free.
Sam has been super uncomfortable, started spitting up a ton more, and is uber gassy, so I figured we'd start with what is one of the more common issues in nursing babies.

Dairy. My beloved milk protein.

(No, not meds for "reflux" which in my opinion this is way over-diagnosed and over-medicated, almost as badly as depression and ADD. Not that reflux doesn't genuinely happen, I know it does, but I think it's just an easy default diagnosis for fussy/spitty/gassy babies. And that it's easy for drs to hand over a prescription to placate tired and strung out parents so they won't be hassled. Go ahead, flame away, I'm sure that will ruffle feathers.)

Anyway, now that I've made new enemies....

I have been through a baby that was irritated by something I was eating while breastfeeding in the past. It took over a month to nail it down. Turns out it was tomatoes. Go figure. Once we figured out what it was I craved anything with tomatoes. I can't stand them plain, so that was no big deal, but suddenly lasagna, pizza, any pasta dish with red sauce, and just about anything in ketchup was all I ever wanted to eat.

So as I begin this no dairy thing, I SWEAR the only thing to eat in my fridge is cheese!!
Granted I did buy over 20lbs of it last month.
But really, I am a dairy lover. Cookies and milk? pshaw. Pour some actual cream in a dish and dip it in that! Milkshakes are a regular part of my diet! String cheese is my default snack and an easy way to get in extra protein. Speaking of protein, have you ever had a protein shake mixed with water instead of milk? blech.

Dairy and I, we are tight.

I have never wanted a chocolate milkshake so badly in my entire life.

Takin' one for the team. It's what moms do.
Only (ha!) 3 weeks until we should really be able to get a good idea of whether or not it's a milk protein sensitivity. Did you know that milk proteins can remain in your body for up to two weeks? Wow. 2 weeks to get it all out, and another week after that for good measure to see if it really makes a difference.

Here's what I'm thinking; If it's dairy that's a problem for him, I can deal with that. I would much rather have that be the issue than intestinal problems. But man, I'd better see that scale budge for giving up all the good stuff!

Dear body,
you have been warned. Time to see a new number in the tens place.
Me (going through dairy withdrawal)


Kelsey said...

welcome to my world.

XLMIC said...

yeah, I figured out the dairy thing on baby #3 (he was already 9 mos old... poor guy). I just thought, "hey, babies spit up... right?" Baby #4 showed similar signs at about 5 wks... so no dairy for me either. I didn't have to wait a whole 3 wks to see a difference. It happened pretty quickly for us. Good luck!

~LL~ said...


Have you ever taken ice cream and poured heavy cream over it? THAT, my friend, is divine!

Rebekah said...

hi, i found your blog through missy mumford's . . . anyway, if you're still dairy free and want some great recipes, my family keeps a recipe website: (i hope you don't mind complete strangers reading your blog. you're inspiring and fun. thanks.)