Sunday, September 26, 2010

hope you can enjoy your victory with one freakin' eye!

We throw around movie lines a lot in our house.
We randomly throw this one around lately.

It came to mind today when I got a phone call from my eight year old daughter.
Because she had something in her eye for a minute.
A kid's fist.


Every parent wants a call from their kids saying they got punched in the eye, right?

Apparently at recess a kid was taking caution tape down from the relocatable classrooms that are in the process of being removed from the school.  Alaina, knowing that the tape was there for a reason and that it should stay there, tried to convince him to put it back.  When that didn't work she tried to put it back herself.  He then got ticked and punched her in the face.

They both got hauled off to the office when the boy proceed to tell the principal that Alaina had punched him first.  Thankfully that got all cleared up quickly, because she didn't.
Although I do have to admit that there is a part of me that would have LOVED for her to have punched him second.  That immature part of me would have been thrilled to see my shrimpy little daughter clock and take out the obnoxious kid that punched her in the eye.  I guess it's a good thing that we've taught our kids to be respectful no matter what happens.  Especially since retaliation would have just made it worse I'm sure.

Alls well that ends well-I expected her to come home with a nice black eye, but all it was is a bit red and puffy.  No biggie.

For those that have asked, I trust that the principal handled it appropriately.  We have a friend who is a neighbor of ours that works in the school office who gave me a decent run down and I trust her judgement of the situation.  The boy spent some good time in with the principal discussing things and then got to do his work in the office instead of going back to class.  No, I don't know if his parents were called, but I would assume so.  As long as nothing else happens with this kid and my daughter, I'm not worried about it.  If it continues, mama bear just might show up to take care of things.

I do have to say though that the highlight of her relating the whole story to me after she got home from school was what happened after the principal talked to both of them together and then took the boy back to his office.  "The principal asked if I hit T first and I told him I didn't.  So then they went back to the principals office.  But Mom, as they were walking away, he swore at me with his finger behind the principal's back!!"  She was seriously appalled.
I was too, but it still made me laugh just a little at her phrasing.


Kelsey said...

TW...........going down.
I wish Alaina would've kicked his a and stuck out her middle finger.