Saturday, September 4, 2010

My New Ride

My sweet new ride.
My very sweet new ride.

A BabyJogger double! With 20 inch wheels!
Yes, I think I may be drooling just a little.

Despite the fact that Sam will not be big/strong enough to actually ride in it for a number of months (and realistically it may be more than that, depending on what all goes on with his head, how much neck strength/head control he is able to have, and whether or not we end up needing shunt surgery), it's awesome! Especially since I have two other little ones who fit very nicely in it, and Samuel fits just perfectly tucked in against my chest in a moby-type wrap.

I figured I'd be able to get away with strapping Sam up to me, putting Charlotte in our old single Jogging stroller and teaching Lincoln to ride his bike so he can ride along next to me while I walk-allowing us to go on nice long walks while Dallin is at school in the morning. Except I haven't gotten around to teaching Lincoln to ride his bike. And he's a slightly reckless child at times. And I worry about him either just heading off in another direction, or dropping his bike and running off to get to whatever has caught his eye.
So the fact that I can strap Sam up to me and put Charlotte AND Lincoln in a stroller is wonderful!!

The fact that I bought it from a friend who did months of research before buying it herself, because she is a serious (like really serious) runner, so I know it is a super nice stroller and will hold up for a long time and has been babied and is in amazing shape (and was killer deal!) is even better.
That was a long sentence.

But seriously, do I not have the sweetest husband ever? What an awesome Wednesday afternoon surprise!!

We broke it in on an "Adventure" the day after getting it, and it was SO much nicer than just hauling a regular (heavy) double stroller along for miles and up and down hills. This thing just glides!
And since Lincoln no longer fits in a regular double stroller without being totally crunched in there, it was a much much more comfortable ride for him!
Also I just have to say that I love the fact that in a 3 mile loop from our house we found 15 horses, 8 goats, a flock of geese, a lot of chickens (and a very loud rooster), dozens of other very loud birds, "a bazillion catrillion bajillion lots" of ants, and lots of rabbit poop. Never underestimate the entertainment factor of random wild animal poop. Next time we'll go the other direction and see if the antelope are out.

It's so very nice that going for a walk is not only a great workout for me now, but also a fun adventure for my little at home kids!



Rheanna said...

Looks awesome-enjoy!!!

XLMIC said...

the kids are probably digging it almost as much as you are ;-)