Thursday, September 23, 2010

Capturing Charlotte

We have many pictures that capture this child, her craziness, her moodiness, he wild streak....but one showed up on the camera the other night that really captures her energy.
Her constant on-the-go-ness.
(yes, I am creating my own dictionary.  thankyouverymuch.)

Never. sits. still.

And just for good measure, there was some spinning along with the jumping.

And then she got tired

and sat down.

The end.


XLMIC said...

What fun! She is so alive!

Lisa said...

Good gravy! She is a mini CATEY!!

Kelsey said...

Body cast by 3 ;)

Cindi said...

I love that girl! You should know that she's one of the quieter ones in nursery. What does that say about the others?! :)