Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is what 60% looks like

It almost seems sureal. All of those conversations with all of those drs.

The grim prognosis.
The NICU tour.
The consent forms for lifesaving treatments and emergency procedures.
The care plan for everything we expected to encounter at birth.

Could this child in my arms really be that baby we were preparing for? Is it possible?

We were given a 60% chance that Samuel would make it through his first month of life.
Assuming he survived birth.

Today, September 4th, Samuel James is one month old.

This is what 60% looks like.
(and adorable)



Kelsey said...

I love that lil man! He is such a gooer!

Angie Bishop said...

beating the odds looks lovely :)

XLMIC said...

here's to miracle babies! he's a living doll.

Rheanna said...

60% looks absolutely adorable!!!! :o)

Shilo said...

He is absolutely adorable.
And I didn't realize how much hair he had, awesome!!!

Laurie said...

What a beauty.

Niki said...

And he couldn't be more perfect! LOL

Lisa said...

TOTALLY! He is ALL BALL wrapped up in a tiny miracle of a package!