Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh the sad and unbelievable lack of blogging

It is sad.

And unbelievable.

Isn't it?

There have been a number of times this week I've thought to myself, "hey self! you should blog that!"

And then life takes over again. Along with the laundry. And the blogging never happens.

And I've spent every waking moment of every day doing this:

Which is good 'cause it helps pay bills. But you see the floor behind me? Accurate representation of the rest of my house for the past two weeks. That's bad. Also, you see me? Bad too. Accurate representation of me for the past two weeks. No makeup, hair pulled back, apparently making weird faces mid conversation as well. But between myself and my very helpful husband, we make a killer team and blew through them while watching roughly half of the Friends complete series box set (last night we watched the one with the game where Monica and Rachel lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler-love that one!) and now there are no longer 15 large boxes taking up the entire office. Yay.

AND the best news is that I've been putting together some VERY fun things for October.

I am SO excited for the giveaways coming up!! I've had some awesome people willing to get involved, so starting tomorrow make sure you check in every Friday. I promise, it will be worth it.

One in particular I'm super excited about. And it all started with a phone call from my husband while at lunch at Costco. Figure that one out.

Also, with any luck, and since my car is dead and I can't run any errands today, there will be blog posts coming out my ears. Not literally of course. I hope.

But if you are bored, at least you might have something to read.

And it's time to start sewing up the rest of the Halloween costumes for this year. Which means that in roughly three weeks time I will be wondering what in the world I was thinking, why I do this to myself, and contemplating making everyone wear this for their costume next year:

And then Halloween will arrive and we'll have all sorts of fun and I'll look forward to that whole crazy cycle again next year.

'Cause I'm like that.



Ashley said...

Wonderin' where you've I know! ;)

Unknown said...

STILL Laughing at that VAT 'O SUP!

Rheanna said...

Hey, that looks so familiar... :o) Except I think I look like a zombie more than just pulling random faces while I talk!

Becky said...

I've been like that a lot this past week.. lounge wear, no make up, hair back.. what is wrong??? lol Darn life! *shakes fist into the air*

Sorry about the dead car.. anything Drew might be able to help with? He gets a discount on parts and is cheap labor.

Catey said...

Lisa-you crack me up!

Becky-thanks-that's so sweet! Thankfully it was just a dead battery....darn kids leaving lights on.... As soon as we found a monster vehicle big enough to charge up the bus, it was good to go! : )

Ceridwen said...

I must know... what are you doing with all that ketchup?!

Catey said...

Thankfully it's not ketchup-just using the bottles b/c the pumps work perfectly for filling those little bottles. : ) It's actually a cleaning solution in there.

Ceridwen said...

Aaaah! I thought it was a little heard of home business - making the little ketchup sachets for restaurants!