Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's more fun that a Saturday night spent at Urgent Care?

A Tuesday night spent in the ER.

Oh wait....that wasn't more fun. In fact it was less fun. Way less fun.

Sadly, the wonder supplement didn't work the way we'd hoped (though I'll certainly try it again to see how it does). Charli's fever kept spiking, and though Motrin and tepid baths would bring it down, it was taking nearly 2 hours for it to come down, and as soon as the Motrin wore off it shot right back up.

It's slightly unnerving to have your child awake from a nap burning hot. Unnaturally hot. You take her temperature and the thermometer just beeps repeatedly and flashes "HI" at you.

Well, hello to you to but tell me how hot she is thanks!

After three tries, I finally got a reading. Of 107.4. Well, heck, certainly that couldn't be right, so I tried again. And again. And again. And again. The lowest reading I could get was 106.6.

Strip down, into a cool bath, call to the dr to see if we have any lab results back yet.

Turns out the lab screwed up and cancelled the swab (what the heck?!).

The dr is starting to get worried, but with my strep history (and the fact that my throat is starting to bug me), he wanted to start her on antibiotics asap, figuring we can reswab here if necessary in a day or two.

Our biggest worry was of course the sky rocketing temps. And the fact that it's taking 2hrs to bring them down.

By 6 o'clock last night she seemed to be doing ok. I took off to run some errands, and the kids all stayed home with dad.

I ventured into Hobby Lobby for the first time and attempted to not spend the kids' college funds.
The good news is that I didn't get the chance to.

The bad news is that a panicked husband calling to say "she's getting stiff, I talked to the dr and I'm taking her to the ER", really sucks.
My husband has been hospitalized with meningitis before. Twice. So anything remotely resembling that possibility kind of freaks him out.

Long story slightly less long, after shuffling kids, fetching my parents to drive nearly an hour to our house to stay with kids while Aaron rushes the baby to the Children's hospital nearly an hour from our house (ironically only about 10 minutes from my parents house), I took off to meet them at the hospital.

Turns out my baby girl has "a RAGING uti". Well now, doesn't that sound fun? Poor kid.

Thankfully they were able to nail it down, and hopefully the meds we were given will take care of it. With any luck the follow ups will reveal that it's taken care of, and that we don't have to worry about her kidneys.

Though she is still miserable as can be, her temperature hasn't gone above 102 for the past 24hrs, so hopefully that means the meds are kicking in.

And with any luck, we won't be seeing this sad face again for quite a long time.
(am I the meanest mom in the world for taking a picture of this?)



~LL~ said... heart just breaks for you guys. You are right. When you get to 103+, you start to feel a little desperate...thinking SURELY it can't be that high. You don't want to panic and run to the hospital, but still....OMG! And, it doesn't matter how many kids you have, it is a frightening thing. Adding Charli to my prayer list!!!

Becky said...

Oh poor Baby!! So scary too. I hope she gets better quickly.

And did you just LOVE what little bit of Hobby Lobby that you saw? I've only been once. I'm glad it's not too close to me or we'd totally be in the poor house (although our house would look fabulous). Did you see any of the fabric?? *drool*

Deedles said...

Poor girl! I'm glad they were able to figure out what was wrong. Hope she is feeling better!

Unknown said...

Poor sweetie!!! I hope she keeps getting better and FAST!!

Kelsey said...

I love my gooer. I hope she is doing better. Soooo sad :(******

Paige said...

Love her heart, I hope that she is feeling better now! There is nothing worse than a sick baby or child. Fevers can be very frightening, I know I always seem to want to panic with them even though I know all is fine too.

I have a CHARLI (Charli Beth) too!!!