Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me: Demolition Round 1

We've talked about it since we moved here, we've priced things out for over a year, we've saved our pennies, and now it's happening!

On Saturday night we finally started tearing out the nasty cheap-o carpet that came with this house. Hooray!

Look at my husband all smug and happy in the corner!
The curtains are all tucked up out of the way-rip that carpet out!
No, we didn't vacuum again before tearing it out. Sadly, I had already vacuumed once that day.
Last day with living room carpet! Yay!

There it goes!


And take that linoleum entry with you!

And on Monday, my birthday, we finally started laying the new floor.

It is so choice.

Sneak Peek:

And though this is late in posting, if you go back to The Hourglass Door giveaway post and wish me a Happy Birthday, you can get yourself another entry! ha! (is that shameless or what? Hey, it ends Thursday, you know you want another entry!)



~LL~ said...

Girl....I have the vinyl flooring (it looks like what I have, anyway) and I love it...LOVE IT!!! I have it in my bathroom, dining room, entry way and kitchen. Next stop, the boys' bathroom. I would love to put it in the living room and just have carpets.

Kelsey said...

can't wait to see it! I'm sure it looks great. Let's do dinn while rentals are outta. Get it?