Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The decisions that keep you up at night

I was faced with a tough decision today. One that really made me think.

You see, My driver's license expires in 6 days.

I think I made a goal to quit procrastinating once....hopefully one day soon I'll get to that....

I was excited to get the little renewal packet in the mail that allowed me to renew online.

No DMV lines! No dragging kids out! No waiting for hours and hoping for a better picture when I'll end up hating the new one even more than the one I currently have, even though I don't think that's possible!

Although thank goodness no matter how bad it was it would still be better than this photo:


If I were smart, I would have renewed it that day when the letter arrived.

But no, it's me, so here I am like 3 months later searching for the packet that I put in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it. Apparently it was a safer place than I planned, because not only did I not lose it, after much searching today, I did not find it. I'm good at hiding things. Except hiding candy from the kids-they always figure out where the good stuff is stashed. Maybe I should have put M&Ms in the DMV letter and let the kids loose in my room to find it.


First I googled the website for license renewal. I got the the correct website and clicked on the license renewal link. Then I realized I didn't have the renewal PIN that was send in my little (lost) renewal packet. No biggie-I clicked on the link for those like me who don't have their magic number. It wasn't until after I filled out the info form and asked the question about getting me a new PIN that I realized that I sent it to the info department for business license renewal.


Hey, I'll have brightened someone's day with a laugh about how stupid the chick requesting a PIN from the business license department for her driver's license renewal is. Good deed for the day: check!

Back on track, I got myself to the right page (this time using the DRIVER license link-good thinking!), pulled out my about-to-expire license for the needed info, waited on hold on the phone for an appropriate time for a phone call to the DMV, and got me a new PIN.

I filled out the forms and was about to click send when I realized that I couldn't edit my license at all. And here's where the dilemma strikes.

That little number next to "weight". It's about 10lbs off. Last time I got a license, I was pregnant. Heck, when I got my concealed carry permit less than a year ago I was in the throws of working off the baby weight, so it has the same number. Darn number.

What to do?!?

Do I sacrifice three hours of my day to actually GO to the DMV, fill out a new form and fix the weight amount? Am I the only person who doesn't lie on the weight question? Aren't you supposed to put a number about 10lbs under what you really are? Had I lied about it then, it would now be correct! Dang. Does that mean that someone who sees my license will actually think I'm 10lbs heavier than it says? Do I look 20lbs heavier than I am?!

Wow-am I really that vain?

Thankfully I decided that no, I'm not. Besides, with any luck, I'll be working my way back up to that weight in the next few months. Heck, if anyone asks, I'll just tell them that the camera adds 10lbs-to both my face in the picture, and the number on my license.

Also, I didn't feel like putting on shoes.

Then a handful of M&Ms made me feel better about the whole thing, so Maybe I'll be back to that number sooner than I thought.



Unknown said...


Totally cool that you can renew on-line! WAY TO GO UT!

Kelsey said...

ummm....who cares! It's just a number.

Heather said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who procrastinates and loses things I thought were in a safe place!
I totally think that I lose more brain cells with every child. So, you definitely have a good excuse!

Marion said...

I'm glad you didn't waste the 3 hours. Just wish I had M&M stashes around my house too.

Celeste said...

Ok, so your license says "110 lbs" instead of "100 lbs"...wish I had that same problem! :) jk

Unknown said...

I have actually driven around for 3 months with an expired license, don't feel too bad. In fact, one of my friends drove around for a full YEAR because she needed to change her address, so had to go to the DMV!
:) It's all good. Besides, no one actually looks at that number, right?! Wait, right?!

Kaira said...

ha! let me tell you how i lied through my teeth on the weight (and not just a little either - it was a bigggg lie) - and i misplaced my papers and found them and renewed my license 9 months late (scary late, i know)...

i really hate lying but i NEVER feel bad about lying about my weight.

Hollie Wood said...

You'll be "hopefully working your way back *UP* to that number"??? Am I the only one who noticed that? Are you already telling us something or are you just trying right now? Super awesome and exciting!! :D