Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jean Party-and you're invited!

I'm being too lazy to actually make, print and deliver invites, so I'm totally copping out and using the blog and email for invites. If you see this, you're invited. Really.
I'm in Happy Valley (if you live anywhere in the proximity of Happy Valley, you know what I'm referring to), so if you're up for the trek, come on over!

Yes Ruth, the rumors are true. Keep spreading the word!

My house, this Saturday the 17th from 11:30-1:30.

True Religions for $50. Really.

There will also be Scentsy, as well as some Mybmy aprons (hopefully-we'll see how productive the next few days are).

And since it's me, I'm sure there will be something to add a few calories to your day. It just wouldn't be a gathering at my house without something sweet, would it?

Come buy some hot new jeans! See you Saturday!

***Updating to add that Discovery Toys will now be here on Saturday as well! Yay!
If anyone else is interested in joining in, just email me and let me know.


bethany said...

Do you live here in UT? I'm not sure.....

Rheanna said...

Sad, I won't be there...consume a few of those calories for me while you're at it :o)

Laura said...

I will be there selling Discovery toys if anyone is interested... Great for Christmas gifts!

Also I would love some jeans...if I can get them to fit!!

Kelsey said...

can't wait!!!!! You best have some cookies for my a.....literally :)

Unknown said...

I won't be able to make it; can you send me my calorie consumables?

Catey said...

Lisa-it's a brownie smorgasbord, so you can choose: good old regular browies, cream cheese brownies, coconut brownies, or peanut butter brownies. : ) I'll ship them out to you. heh!
(don't worry Kel-I'll get some cookies for you too!)