Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am the jump rope champion

Last night we had a jump rope contest.

I know-you envy my wild and exciting life, don't you?!

Taylor had been asking to do this for a family activity for a number of weeks, so last night we made it happen.
Jumping rope in pajamas and a coat. Now there's a good time.

It was entertaining.

It was humorous.

It was.....interesting.

It was apparently hard to focus when there was a plane flying overhead.
It was obviously dark. Who needs light?

But who holds the family jump rope champion title?

Oh that's right-ME! Look at me channeling my inner jump rope zen.

In addition to my already claimed (and undefeated for many years) Family Hula Hoop Champion title.

Never mind the fact that after jumping for the family record, I had to go change my pants.

Ok, Not really, but it was way too close to that. (hey, I've birthed 7 kids!)

My plan is to remain undefeated well into my grandma years. And by that point in time I can wear Depends without anyone questioning it. Then there will be no stopping me!


~LL~ said...

LMBOOOO!!! As I was reading of your championship title, I thought, "Wow....I would have totally peed myself." AND THEN, you told me you did have a bit of difficulty. LOL!!!!

Becky said...

Too funny. I'm lucky that I don't pee my pants when I jump. However, if I laugh waaay too much then I do. The last time was a few months ago when my sister was over.. I never even had a chance. :-D

Kelsey said...

good job grams.....more kegels :)