Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We all know how exciting birthdays can be when you get older. Sometimes it's just another day.

But not at our place!

I've already mentioned the fun activity I got to participate in that evening. And no, I'm not being sarcastic, I actually really enjoy home improvement projects!

Especially when it includes tearing nasty gross cheap carpet out and replacing it with something beautiful that should hold up worlds better.
(I really did do more than just take pictures)

Painting too. I really enjoy painting. I finally picked a color for our bedroom and it's sitting there just waiting for me....

But I digress.

Along with my fix-it excitement, the kids decided they wanted to shake things up.
Alaina made me breakfast:

("mom? Do you like plums and oranges?" "uh, sure." "ok good! Don't come in the kitchen for a minute")

They made me a cake and cupcakes:

(I look like I have no lips in that picture. Hmm.)

We always decorate the kitchen for birthdays-the balloons, streamers, banners...the basics. Apparently it bothered the kids that we neglected to do so for my birthday, so they came up with this:

A "surprise party" in the girls' room. Sweet.

Complete with the jack-o-lantern cupcakes that my mom used to make me every year to take to school for my birthday treat. Remember way back in the day when you could actually take homemade things to school? Yah.
(now "bake sales are dangerous". Don't get me started. Though my favorite quote comes from this one: "I love bake sales. I eat them myself." Uh-thank you, Mr Principal.)

(also, the girls cleaned their room after this. Hallelujah.)

Anyway-all sorts of favorite foods and treats, a surprise party from the kids, a new floor, plus my Dad took me out to lunch, and have I mentioned the Garmin?!
As far as birthdays go-this one was great.

And since it has been many months since we've done a Quote of the Day (go ahead, search quote of the day on the blog), I'll leave you with one from my dear sweet wonderful husband again.

"Is this a joke?" , he asked upon reading the birthday card from my sister and her fam. "Happy 31st? What's that about?"
Uh......Wait for it....wait for it........There it is! I am indeed 31 this year. That was a fun realization.
It's nice that he still thinks I'm younger than that. Hopefully he'll keep that up for the next, say 60ish years.
Love you babe!



Aaron said...

Great shot of me......thanks 'babe'.

How come you get all the cool stuff for your birthday?

Catey said...

Hey-you post like that for a reason and you know it! :)

And your birthday is coming up soon.....just wait! haha!!

Catey said...

Uh-that was supposed to say "pose", not "post". I need brain check more than spell check.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Catey!! It sounds like a good one.

Unknown said...


~LL~ said...

AW......sweet and fun! YOu deserve a Happy Birthday party with streamers!!!


Kelsey said...

nice shot of Nick!!! terr
I love those cupcakes. I would like one...right about nowsie! Licking the green stems were my fave. That sounded weird.