Thursday, October 8, 2009

Original Air Date: 10/8/98

Do you have any idea what you were doing on that date? 11 years ago today?

I do.

My husband was working. He was selling cars at the time. Great money, crappy environment, awful hours.

I was very pregnant. Sitting home alone. Watching "must see tv".

Friends to be exact.

The one where Phoebe has the triplets.

It's a funny episode. We actually watched it again last night. I laughed at a lot of it.
I'd forgotten that her dr was obsessed with Fonzi. That was funny. I'd forgotten that Chandler was a girl. That was funny too.

Eleven years ago when I watched it the first time it aired, I was officially overdue with my first child.

I didn't laugh at all. I cried my eyes out through the entire half hour. While I sat home alone. Kind of bummed to be alone with hubby working, but kind of grateful that he wasn't there watching me have an emotional melt down.

I was so bugged that Phoebe got to deliver her babies and mine was stuck inside me with no sign of coming out anytime soon.

Last night I laughed. It was much more enjoyable that the first time I watched it.

But then I teared up too. Ironically because this time when I watched it remembering how anxious I was to have my first baby, I find myself wishing there were another baby in there.
Talk about a turn of events.
I guess that whole motherhood journey never makes much sense, does it?



Aaron said...

That was fun.

Lets to three next time....whadaya say?

Rheanna said...

That's crazy that you remember that!

Kelsey said...

I love that episode!! Chandler's a girl, Chandler's a girl :)
"Just so you know, I'm not Fonzie."
"I want to keep one"