Monday, December 7, 2009

I dreamed a dream

*first-I am making a disclaimer that anything you read over the next few days was likely typed under the influence of percocet. So please, do not hold me accountable, think this is normal, or a host of any other thoughts that may enter your head. thank you.
I am not a dreamer. Well, I have dreams and hopes, but I'm not talking in that sense. I'm talking about falling asleep and having dreams. I very very rarely remember any of my dreams, except when I am pregnant. Which I'm not. And yes I'm sure, they made me pee on a stick before they cut my tonsils out.

Anyway-my current prescription line up seems to be changing all of that.

Percocet it starting to do a number on me. The day of my little procedure and the next day, I just kind of hung out in bed, randomly falling asleep and waking to take pills and suck on popsicles. oh, and to throw up, but I'm sure you didn't want to know that.

Starting yesterday morning I am in this phase where I pop a percocet and am crashing hard within about 5 minutes. What little speech there is gets slurred, the head starts to bob......aaaaand I'm out. I'm not out for long, but I'm out. hard.

Which is when these lovely dreams pop up. They are strange enough that even in the midst of the dream I am thinking to myself, I hope I remember this part!

Like last night. My most memorable dream was about a sweater, pens, and casseroles. Well, and the big casserole dish that the sweater and pens were involved in. It was one big psychedelic meal.

And then I woke up in some real pain, so I choked down a few bites of yogurt in attempt to get something in my stomach before the meds. I stumbled back down the hall, fell into bed and dreamed about magic Legos.

I can't remember what the next one was, but it's getting weird in this little brain of mine!

While I very much appreciate the pain relief, I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would purposefully afflict themselves with this type of brain function. This head swimming, floaty legs, dizzy stumbling weirdness is making me nuts!



Lisa said...

That is a hoot! How totally bizarre! I must have missed what your procedure is/was?

Kelsey said...

that made me wanna vomit...I don't do drugs!!!! Not worth the sickness. What else do you have to say? :) This is fun!

~LL~ said...

You know how long it took me to get all the way down here? I have a lot of reading to do... probably won't happen in one sitting ;)