Thursday, December 10, 2009


My 8 year old daughter called me from school last week. Actually it was the week before last. Before I took to my bed indefinitely.

Anyway, she called me giggling to tell me that she had just cut her hair.


It took about 5 minutes of conversation to get to the point. She had gotten something in her hair. And cut it out.

I flipped. Of course I flipped! She's 8! Not 3! Not 4! Well beyond those other years when she cut her own hair! We are supposed to be past this stage!

He teacher came to her rescue, tried to explain to me that it wasn't that bad, and break down what happened. Apparently some kid in her class brought "Goo" to school. Unbeknownst to the teacher (who I love and don't blame, btw). He was being sneaky and broke it out during silent reading time. It was during that time that my 8yr old daughter got ahold of some of it and in her silliness (this child is way too prone to herd mentality. Scares the tar out of me), ended up with some in her hair. Then not wanting to get in trouble, CUT IT OUT.

Enter the third grade tattling average, and the teacher found out in about 3.6 seconds anyway.

So I braced myself for the what may appear at my doorstep slightly after 3:30 that afternoon.

And this appeared:

Turns out this child decided she wanted bangs. But having been told by everyone that she looks best without bangs, she just went for it herself.
Oh, she did actually get goo in her hair. And it didn't occur to her at the time that she could, oh, say, um, WASH it out. But she wanted bangs.

And she likes them and thinks they look wonderful. And cried at me when I hairsprayed them back into her hair the next day. And now begs me daily to style her hair in a manner that lets her "wear her bangs" the way she wants.

It's a good thing I love my daughter. It's a good thing she knows that I love her. And will always love her. Even if it does look like she got into a fight with scissors.

It's also a good thing that hair grows back.

I will never complain that my life is boring.



Kelsey said...

son of a b*&^%!
why don't you cut...have someone else cut her real bangs....and don't perm them.

Cindi said...

We've had self-haircut experiences around here too. It grows out--eventually. :)

~LL~ said...