Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this

I'll go ahead and blame the percocet again.

And the fact that I cannot be the only person on the planet who HATES that stupid thing they stick on your finger.
This thing:

Hey, I was just waking up. Trying to tell Aaron how much I hate that thing. I don't think I even realized it was on my middle finger.

Now you all know what I look like 10 minutes after surgery in the process of waking up from anesthesia.

It's true, I have no shame. Popping out a half a dozen+ kids will do that to you.

And I'm sure that little blue hat was doing me a world of good. hanging pitifully off the back of my head.

This is a public service announcement: You have now officially seen me at my worst. Thank you.

Now please excuse me while I go crawl back under my covers to wish away the torture and torment and crushed hope that is day 6 of recovery.



Kelsey said... I know where Jake gets it! :)

~LL~ said...

The hair net thingamabob is the worst. I'm so sorry. ;)

Mindy said...

So I'm just seeing that you had your tonsils out. I feel for you!! I just had mine out at the end of August. I didn't have to have a hairnet though ;] And I had no gurney--I walked to the operating table and got on it myself. Funny how different places have different ways of doing it.

My first 3 days, not so bad [I think the medicine knocked me out 99% of those first days & the kids were at my parents so I had a quiet house. I even woke up for a few hours at night and decided to clean house & do laundry] 11 days were HELL [percocet didn't always touch my pain. and just an fyi, percocet will constipate you in a horrible way if you don't realize that & take precautions. As if you need more pain after surgery :O] ......followed by another week feeling really tired and pain on/off. Luckily my mom was taking care of my kids for 2 weeks and then my mother-in-law came for 4 days so I didn't have to worry about much. But maybe you will handle it much better than I did, after all I think it's hard to take care of 2 kids sometimes yet you do more than I do with 7. And there is no way on earth I will bear children without medication like you can!

If you aren't sleeping with a humidifier, DO!! After I did that [2 of them in fact] it was SO SO SO much better--no more waking up feeling like I was swallowing glass & going to die. It healed faster after I did that too. I think the humidifier and ice/hot pack [alternating] helped as much as the meds! It still hurts to sneeze, I'm not sure if that's normal & I'm hoping it's not permanent! I'm sure our docs are different, I thought mine was crazy for sure when he said to eat cheese pizza after surgery! He said to start that on the day of surgery.... I didn't do that but I tried a little the next day and it actually was the only solid I could stand to eat, even if it was just a couple bites. And I actually preferred the veggie de-lite from papa murphy's, then at least i got some healthy stuff, right? It goes down easy and he said the high salt content would help the wounds heal a lot faster. How often does a doc tell you to eat cheese pizza?? Sorbet was my personal favorite--raspberry--cold & soothing to the fried-black throat.

After you get through recovery you will be glad you had the surgery. Even if you feel like you want to crawl in a hole and die until around day 11. I haven't been sick at all since my surgery until last week. I used to have almost constant tonsil infections. And as much as my cold/cough stinks, I am SO incredibly grateful that I don't have strep or tonsil infections to go along with it anymore!
*Sorry this got so long--hope you feel better soon!*

Catey said...

Mindy-thank you for sharing!! I am on day 11 and though I'm up and around and mostly functional, it still hurts to an extent that I did not expect! I am really hoping things start to feel better in the next few days. I started getting a cold yesterday and have been sneezing-it is hell! and yawning, Oh. My. Gosh. Beyond torture. I'm just happy that I'm starting to be able to choke down real food again. You know how I am with food! : ) and yes, the sorbet has been heaven! I hope that my feelings about having this done will be as good in a few months as yours are-I would hate to still have infections at the frequency that I used to after going through this! Thanks!

Chris said...

Ah, Catey, I really feel for you. I got my tonsils out when I was 28. That's nine years ago, and the muscles in my throat still aren't back to full strength. But I remember the recovery taking a lot longer than they told me it would. After a week in bed, I remember being so happy that I could get around that I went to a movie -- Chicken Run. I fell asleep half way through, and when the movie ended no one woke me up. They just left me sleeping in the middle of the theater. When I finally woke up, all the lights were on, and the kid was in there sweeping up the place. I thanked him for the nap and left.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Mindy said...

Up & functional, yes...but take it easy! You'll be glad in a week if you take it easy now. SLEEP! I was so happy to actually stay awake for over an hour at a time after the first few days. After a week I went shopping with my mom, thought I would be ok on a short outing, but was SO dizzy and disoriented that I stayed in the car after 1 store! I seem to remember day 7 being my worst one--2 was ok, 4-6 I felt pretty good, 7 I was back down again until about 14.

My MIL went home at the 3 week mark & I was pretty much back to normal as far as what I could do & taking care of my kids. Still sore & a little more tired than normal, but no big deal. Horrible ordeal to go through, but truly SO worth it after! However I will never have the sinus surgery some docs wanted me to have at the same time as the tonsils, they said it is much more painful & takes longer to recover. No thanks! I'll keep my handy netti pot instead!

I hope you don't get a full-blown cold. I forgot yawning until you said that--YES, HELL! Coughing was as bad as yawning. Sneezing wasn't as bad as yawning at first, though still HELL, but now yawning I just feel a little stretch and sneezing hurts just as bad as in the beginning!

Kelsey said...

go ahead and tweet....but I think you might have a slight addiction

Hawkeye said...

Wow, some time and write a novel..

Love the picture and story!