Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lobster Legs

You poor people. If this week of posts doesn't chase you away, then I can't imagine what would.

I'm trying to start weaning myself off pain meds, so I thought I'd try some Tylenol this afternoon instead of Percocet. It worked very well.....for about 2 hours. Which is fine, but I can only take meds every 4 hours. So there was 2 hours of pretty intense ouch going on here today.

Why am I trying Tylenol instead? The weirdness is getting worse. Or at least staying the same. But it's weird and I'm growing weary of not feeling in control of myself.

This afternoon as I fell asleep to little bits of percocet dancing in my brain, I had another dream.

I was me, in my current state in life. (i know, odd, huh?) But I lived in a house that was in the neighborhood I grew up in.
Anyway, like I said, I was where I currently am in life, a few days post-tonsillectomy. I woke up in my cute pink PJs, and walked out of my bedroom to go get a popsicle and a water bottle. When I got to the kitchen it was full of people. So was the family room area that was off the kitchen in this house. Not sure who was there....for some reason I don't remember faces.
People were eating lobster. There was lobster EVERYWHERE. But not like one would normally eat lobster.
They were eating lobster legs.
Like you would normally eat crab legs.
There were lobster carcasses all over the kitchen, and big glass goblets full of lobster legs.
People had those goofy bibs on and had butter dripping down their faces.
And I was looking at lobster bodies laying on their backs all over my house.
And the smell.....
Oh. my. gosh. the smell!

I HATE seafood. Cannot stand the smell. Detest it.

And as I walked out of my bedroom I was practically bowled over by the stink.

So I marched myself on down to the middle of the crowd, mustered up as much voice as I could for being a few days post tonsil loss, and screamed my head off at everyone. Gave the most ornery lecture of my life. With gusto that I didn't know I had in me. Everyone was surprised at how much voice I came up with. So that I could scream at them for being so rude to come in and eat lobster legs and make my house stink while I was trying to get better.

And then I stomped off back to my bed.

And then I woke up. And felt really embarrassed. And tried to figure out why people were eating lobster legs in the first place.

If I yelled at you in my lobster dream, I'm sorry.
Quite frankly, I'm sorry I'm having most of these dreams!
And sorry I'm sharing them with you.
But hey, why should I be the only one suffering through them?


Rheanna said...

Little worried about you, but awful funny. Maybe you're just meant to visit Maine :o)

Kelsey said...

get off the drugs! Sooooon!

~LL~ said...


I came back, pleasantly surprised at ALL THESE NEW POSTS! Reading.... reading....