Monday, December 14, 2009

Lessons Learned from a Tonsillectomy

1. Tonsilectomys are not for adults. Kids, sure. They pop right back up. Adults, not so much. The only word that comes close to describing it is hell. The first few days, meh, doable. Then day 5 comes around and you think, "huh, this stinks, I hurt more today." Then day 6 and you wonder, what is the deal?!", and then day 7. Oh. My. Word. I consider myself a tough chick. I can deal with things. But day 7? Wow. I literally would have spent the entirety of day 7 crying had I not had enough conscious thought to realize that crying only made it hurt worse. I wanted to die. And then once you think you are over it and can start using just Tylenol, the ear pain kicks in. And then you make the mistake of yawning or sneezing and you want to die all over again.
I would rather give birth every day for a week than go through this again.

2. I have never known pain until last week. Giving birth 7 times? no problem. (sure labor hurts and you're a little sore for a day or two, but ok) Not being able to breath, swallow, talk, without feeling like your entire mouth and head are riddled with shards of glass? Not cool. It's a darn good thing I'm a generally healthy person, because this garbage is on my list of things to never do again. Ever.

3. I make a bad druggie. I have always said that "I don't do pain meds." there is a reason why. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't have made it through the first 7 days without Percocet, but goodness, it's a good thing I haven't needed it before, and I sure hope to never need it again! Me + anything heavier than Tylenol or Ibuprofen = not pretty!

4. I have the best friends and neighbors in the entire expanse of the world. Before I even knew what time I was going in for surgery, I had people lining up to bring in dinners, help with the kids, offering to help with the house work, with getting kids taken care of at school, and anything else you can think of. My cute friend who took my three little ones while I went to have the surgery done, and then took the 4 older ones when I got pushed back 2hrs and wouldn't make it home before they got out of school is nothing short of an angel. The stream of meals that flooded our home every day for a week was amazing. The phone calls and visits to make sure we were all doing ok were, and are, very much appreciated.

5. My husband is a trooper! Seriously-between taking over my regular life, taking care of me on top of that, and finishing up the house projects that we didn't quite finish pre surgery, he deserves a medal of honor. Not to mention he got the Christmas trees up so I could stop my freaking out about that. (a nice little drug induced breakdown I had. I was sure we would never get any Christmas decor up if we didn't do it *that* day. Sorry about that.) I have never been more grateful for a husband who is willing to do anything and everything under the sun to take care of his family.

6. Apparently I lack self-censoring when I am on percocet. As proved by reading back through the things I have posted over the last week. Sorry.

7. I get stir crazy, and am more social than I thought. In the few hours a day that I was awake those first few days, I did ok with just myself and a book or a laptop. After that, I was DYING to get out of bed! I missed people! I missed the chaos of my daily routine! I missed my friends, going to church, chatting on the phone! Thank goodness for texting, huh?

8. Spending 9 days almost completely in bed will wear you out! Who knew that doing absolutely nothing was so exhausting? I feel like I'm the walking dead, only functioning at about 50% capacity. Hopefully that will increase drastically and quickly!

9. I do not lose weight like a normal person. I spent 7 days eating nothing. Well, ok, not nothing; I did have some broth and popsicles, and the raspberry sorbet (godsend!), and a chocolate milkshake, but seriously, I'd be lucky if I got more than 300 calories in me a day. Except on the milkshake day. And after 7 days of no real food, I lost a grand total pound. Yep, one pound. ONE! Thankfully actually getting up a little more over the past 3 days has made a difference, and my body has remembered how to burn calories (even though I'm still not getting many to stay down). I'll gladly take the few more pounds that have dropped off in the last few days, and rather enjoy my pants being a little looser for the next week. But must I say it? Bring on the Christmas goodies!

and finally,
10. If you're gonna spend over a week stuck in bed, it pays to have a thing for PJs.

Yes, that's 7 pair of pajamas. Plus the pj pants on top. What can I say? Despite the fact that I am one of those people who MUST get up and shower first thing and MUST get dressed instead of hanging out in lounge clothes/sweats/pjs all day, I like pajamas. And believe me, even if I was only getting dressed in new clean pjs to get right back in bed, it sure felt good to put something fun on every day!



Kelsey said...

nice jammeroos!

~LL~ said...

Bless your heart. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

Sarah. said...

Hey, at least you only had to go through it once! I was 21 the first time I had my tonsils removed and then "they grew back" and had to go through the WHOLE thing AGAIN a year later. It is WAY more painful then child birth. I have only had 3 children (all natural labor and delivery)and I would rather go through that pain then have my tonsils taken out.
PS "they grew back" really means the chick doc who took them out the first time didn't know what she was doing and apparently left some pieces of the tonsil in there and they became infected hence the 2nd surgery which was done by a different doc.

Catey said...

Yikes! Having that done twice is not fair. At all!
I am SO afraid of the growing back! I didn't even know that was possible until a few days after I had this done. The surgeon I used was VERY highly recommended, so I'm hoping he lives up to his reputation and did an extremely thorough job!