Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Story - A Christmas Bell for Anya

Tonight's Story is one that I heard for the first time two years ago and immediately went out and found so that we could have a copy of our own. It's another one that makes me cry.

I get it, I'm a crier!

During the winter of 1917, all of Russia had fallen into dark and tumultuous times as the reign of the Czars came to a bitter and violent end. But in a small Siberian village famous for producing the finest bells in the world, the townspeople made their usual preparations for a Christmas tradition that went back many generations. For eight-year-old Anya and her widowed father, this Christmas had special significance. This Christmas, Anya was one of the girls chosen from the village to ring in Christmas morn with her very own Christmas bell.

A beautiful story of love, hope and redemption.



Shilo said...

I think it's great that you are sharing Christmas books with us and that you read one each night as a family!
Now, a small favor: share the one about the candy cane that you read in Primary a couple years ago, please... ;)

Kelsey said...

wannnnt wannnnt.

~LL~ said...

Never read this, but sounds pretty.