Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A peek at the house stuff

We've been up to our eyeballs in projects lately. I think I've mentioned it once or twice. Or two hundred times.

Anyway, aside from the floors, knocking out a wall, installing a railing

and all the fix up that has come with that, we also decided it would be a fun time to repaint the master bedroom. Of course!

Actually, we bought the paint back in October for my birthday, and by some freakish turn of events defying all that is normal in nature, the paint sat here in my bedroom for over a month without being openend.

I know, I still can't explain it.

But since I wasn't about to go under without my room being painted, I frantically got to work early last week. My room still isn't put back together, but it's a pretty color!

And Aaron surprised me with new bedthings as well. For some reason white sheets are just so wonderful and inviting!

So though this is still the halfway in the project veiw, the walls are bare, the window is bare, and there is still a stack of things that need to be put away and organized, this is where I'm chilling day and night:

This is an awful picture, but hey, the flash batteries are dead and I'm on meds.

One day I'll feel up to finishing, iron out all the wrinkles, put the room back together, and repaint the bathroom.

But until then, at least I have a calming and serene surrounding!



Becky said...

What a fantastic blue!! My bedroom is blue and brown and I love it.

Did you once say you have a lock for your bedroom? I only ask because of the white.. I don't think I have anything white in my house. I know it would end up covered in marker or snot or something else. :-S LOL

Hope you're feeling well!

Rheanna said...

Renovations look great!

Kelsey said...

get your a in bed. Looks great! Feel better and come paint my house ;)