Monday, December 21, 2009

Feed the Addiction

Today I went running.


I waited my required two weeks to do anything "strenuous".

Since I couldn't handle just sitting around anymore I decided to ease back into things with some yoga last week. It felt good.

Today I reasoned that I was past the two week mark, I could set my course (short), and not push it.

It felt so good. So very good.

Remember when you were a kid, how the last day of school felt? How you just wanted to run home so as not to waist a single second of your freedom?

That's how stepping out the door this afternoon felt. I cranked up my music (Que Te Pica to kick things off, in case you were wondering), and was giddy enough that I wanted to run like Phoebe.
Tell me you've seen that Friends episode.

I did keep it short, just a couple of miles. Not fast (I never am), but a decent pace.

I'm amazed at how much swelling I still have inside this head o' mine. Breathing was less than comfortable with the residual swelling, and spitting (*sigh*, yes, I'm a spitter) hurt like the dickens, but the adrenalin made it all worth it.

My current endurance: squat, but enough to pull me through a couple of long overdue miles.

It is so nice to feel human again.



Cheryl said...

I have always wanted to try running like Phoebe, but never actually had the guts to go through with it!! I do know how you feel though, and I am so glad that you have enough energy to run. Thats awesome!!!

MaryAnne said...

Nothing makes you feel better than a nice run no matter what the distance or speed.

We should have a run like phoebe 5k

Catey said...

that would be hilarious! We should do that....or even just a run like Phoebe one miler or something-how fun!