Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alaina's Baptism

Allright-I was kinda harsh on Alaina in that last post.

I really am over the hair thing, and I really love my daughter. A lot. And she really does know that. I promise.

But now on to more exciting things about her.

I still haven't hit "publish" on her birthday post yet, because I still haven't found her baby pictures. Darn me for being old and birthing babies in the pre-digital days. It makes blogging much more complicated sometimes.

But there is a birthday post for her, I promise.

For now-her baptism.

Alaina was baptized the first week in November.

Much of our family was out of town, so it was a small meeting. but it was a very beautiful meeting, and a beautiful day.

Taylor wrote and gave a talk on Baptism. Malia wrote and gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.
They both did amazing jobs. Aaron's mom played the piano, I led the music, and Grandpa's gave the prayers. My grandpa and Alaina's grandpa-Aaron's dad.

We were also blessed with good friends there with us, and we were so happy they could join us!
It was not an uneventful day though. Is there ever an uneventful day with us?

It seems that everything that could possibly go wrong in the days leading up to the baptism did go wrong.
Up to that morning when Charlotte woke up with a barking cough at 4am, followed quickly by Dallin. You'll notice in this picture that he doesn't exactly look stellar.

In fact he was feeling so awful that he had fallen asleep on the metal folding chair at the end of the first row of chairs. Poor kid. (But hey, we wouldn't want to break tradition and have all healthy kids at one of our kids' baptisms!)

Despite all the many bumps in the road, everything turned out as perfectly as it could. It was a beautiful program, and it was fun for it to be just our family, which is a rarity out here where there are so very many children.

I am very proud of Alaina and all that she does to improve our family and our home. She is such a determined child-as long as she continues to make good choices (and stay away from scissors), she will lead an exceptional life.
I am so grateful that this sweet little daughter of mine surprised us in life when she did. Alaina is our "hey I'm pregnant. Uh, 15weeks pregnant apparently" baby. Though it certainly threw us for a loop at the time, she was nothing short of an angel baby. I would not change a thing about her. Not those perfect infant days, or those making up for being a perfect infant toddler years. Not her constantly trying to keep up with older kids, reading over their shoulders before she even turned 4. And no, not even her encounters with scissors. Really.



Kelsey said...

she was the best baby in the world!
she is the best kid in the world...I would love to steal her!

Kelsey said...

look how you spelled her name btw.

Cindi said...

Congratulations, Alaina. She's darling.