Monday, November 30, 2009

Yah, yah...getting there! and Check out this email!!

I know, blog already! Getting there-I promise! The construction is almost done, I painted my room today, and heck, if nothing else, I'll blog your little ears off (eyes out? what would that be exactly?) next week. I'm having my tonsils out on Friday, so as I sit and recover and do nothing while hubs takes over the craziness here, I'll blog. Probably multiple times a day. And you'll get to see plenty of pictures of all of our goings on.

I apologize in advance.

Anyway, that's part of the reason I'm scrambling to get things done this week, so it's all done before I go all wonky on painkillers.

BUT! You MUST read this email I got today. Oh sweet heavenly joy, I couldn't be any happier!!!

In response to your email regarding M&M'S BRAND COCONUT FLAVORED CHOCOLATE CANDIES.

Thank you for your email.

Great news! M&M'S BRAND COCONUT FLAVORED CHOCOLATE CANDIES will be available starting
January 2010 as a permanent item.

We hope you will watch for them!

Have a great day!

Your Friends at Mars Chocolate NA

Yes, I actually emailed the folks at M&Ms. You see, these are no more to be found, and I found some on ebay. Aside from the fact that it's kind of a little creepy to buy food off ebay, I debated buying a case of Coconut M&Ms. But they were $30. Before shipping. Which made the suckers nearly $2 a bag. Oh, the pressure of high stakes decisions. So yes, I emailed them. and bless them for emailing back. And bless them even more for adding this little piece of heaven to their regular line. My thighs will not benefit from this, but my sanity sure will. Coconut M&Ms forever!!!


Steel Springs said...

I loved the coconut M&Ms! Yum. I hope the surgery goes well!

Kelsey said... made me buy you 30 bags for nothing. When I was prego with Hal I was craving those iced animal cookies(the pink ones) and emailed the company thinking they would send me a freakin bag and they wrote back and said: "please enjoy one of our other cookies." I was sooooooooo pissed!!!!!
January will be a happy month for you :)

justdawn said...

I still haven't had any. I guess if they are going to start selling them permanently, I will have to buy some whenever we move back to the US. They never get the good stuff here. They didn't even get any caramel Hershey Kisses this fall! Crazy!

Unknown said...

Still need to try those!

Hope the surgery goes well. It was pure heck for wee Gavin!

Rheanna said...

I'm so excited! I still haven't tried them...can't wait! Have fun recovering from surgery...I'm a little jealous :o)

Catey said...

Kel-the bags were much appreciated! I'm weaning off the last one now. 10 bags lasting three months is pretty good around here!

Dawn-check your mailbox woman. : )

Utah Mom said...

That is good news. I love those things too. Good luck with the surgery. Enjoy your recovery. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks a lot Catey! That's all I need ... more Coconut M&M's. You're GROUNDED! Those things are too good! You should have seen the guy's face at Walgreens when I cleaned them out of their last six bags a while ago. He seriously took a step back when I plopped them all on the counter. Don't mess with me and my M&M's!

Unknown said...

that sounds heavenly! YUM!

Celeste said...

Sorry to hear about surgery...but I have to warn you that it may make Hannah happy!! She's had her little heart set on bringing you dinner since you brought my mom chicken nooodle soup when she was sick. She SO BADLY wants to return the favor so.........what night do you want dinner?!? We won't take no for an answer :)

MaryAnne said...

So this inspired to me to e-mail frito lay and find out why they quit making the big bags of Baked doritos. not just the 100 calorie packs. They told me they were sorry but becuase other consumers did not feel the same they will not be making them and to please enjoy their other things:( so sad. Thank goodness M&M's know how to please a customer

justdawn said...

Catey...Brian checks our mail every day. We get Priority packages within 7-10 days but everything else is taking 4-6 weeks. the holidays are brutal for us, over here;)