Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Annual Adult Costume Party

Not as in a party to which you wear "adult" costumes. A Costume party for adults.

Every year we snag a few of our friends and make them dress up for admittance to our house to hang out, eat too much, stay up too late, and laugh too hard.

It's great.

They all think we're nuts, and we have some costume resisters, but they oblige anyway.

We're very convincing that way.
The hard part is that we can't fit everyone we want to invite into our house. Also this year I never even sent invitations, so it was just the group that was already expecting it.

Next year we'll just pack everyone in like sardines. That will be fun!

This year was a little crazy, and a very short party because of when it was scheduled.
On that same night we had a church party, a school carnival, a city trunk-or-treat and Halloween activity, and it also happened to be Alaina's birthday. Oh yeah, two of us were running early the next morning too.

Our party that starts at 8 and lasts until 2 or 3 was just not meant to be.

Not to say it wasn't still a blast. And that there weren't some very strange inside jokes created, such as "eat it like it's Red Riding Hood."

We all laughed too hard, most of us ate too much, and a couple of us were up too late, even though we didn't start until after 9 and kicked people out at 12:30.

I think a few of our friends might be getting old or something.

The costumes this year were great as always, and it wouldn't be fair not to share them with all of you.

Already looking forward to next year!



Big Daddy said...

IT was a lot of fun. Cool costumes as well. It is always fun to hang out with you guys.

Staci said...

How fun! Love all the costumes, very creative!

Kelsey said...

very cute!!!

Kelsey said...

swine flu was my fave :)

~LL~ said...

Fun fun! We had fun, too. May have to have a copycat post... seein' as how I'm behind on blogging and this is just kind of a good fit, huh? Off to blog. ;)

Deedles said...

Looks like a fun time! I love all the costumes! :)

Michael and Tiffany said...

Thanks! We had a great time