Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best article I've read in a long time

Seriously-you need to read it.

It reminded me so much of my life. Especially of any given event and/or Sunday when any poor unsuspecting, misled person comments on my family being put together/well behaved/ sweet and patient/any other thing along those lines. (I have told you about Sunday mornings at our house, right?) I'm willing to venture a guess that many of you would feel the same way. Ok, well, maybe at least a couple of you.

Anyway-very entertaining, and right on. Don't believe me? Here's the opening snippet:

"Lately, I've been thinking about realities.

Like the reality that you have four pairs of great jeans in your closet, and you can only fit into one.

Or the reality that you deeply love your children, and yet today, you want to physically rip out their vocal cords if they sass you one more time."

See-told ya. Now go read the rest of it HERE. Enjoy!



bethany said...

Funny thing-I taught her son in the 5th grade. So I know a little about her reality :) Her son was a fun kid, but a HANDFUL!

Unknown said...

Yeah, when people comment on how great the kids are, I tussle their hair and tell them good job on having folks fooled.

Big Daddy said...

We always compare our worst to others best. When I see someone who spells correctly I just say to myself, "We all have our day." I quit worrying about what others think on my not so perfect moments and try to cut people some slack on theirs.

Kelsey said...

new post....and christmas cookies :)