Saturday, August 8, 2009

My backyard is covered in rainbow colored poop

Nice, huh? Hey, at least it doesn't involve my children.

I just heard the collective sigh of relief from the nether regions of the online world.

This time the blame falls squarely on my dogs.

They have acquired this nasty little habit:

they eat crayons.
And pencils too, but mostly crayons.

Whenever anyone leaves the hall closet open

(which happens a minimum of 237 times per day), they sneak over there to see if they can find a stray crayon that did not make it back into the big box o' crayons, colored pencils and random markers without lids.

They usually find one.

I have vacuumed three times today. I just found this in the dining room.

And this in the living room.


This does not help my Crayola issues.

Do you remember that Reading Rainbow from way back in the day where you got to see crayons being made? Was it Reading Rainbow? Maybe it was Sesame Street. Whatever. Apparently it made it's impression on me. I get a little tingle in my toes when I open a new box of crayons. So I suppose it's really not fair to blame the dogs-sometimes crayons are just irresistible.

Amongst my OCD tendencies (of which there are many), I have a need for new crayons. I tend to buy a few when they go on sale at the beginning of the school year. Then I put them away. For when I need them.

So I like to have new crayons on hand. Is that really such a bad thing?

While I'm writing this my husband is at Walmart. I just asked him to pick me up a couple of boxes. He told me that there is something wrong with me and all my boxes of crayons.

I just wanted to see if he'd actually pick some up for me. ha! (We'll see if he remembers)

But for the record, he's never complained when he wanted to color with the kids and I gladly shared my nice new pointy tip crayons with him. In fact, last time, he requested them.

Also, it is much easier to clean up the backyard when all the spots that need picking up are marked with specks of brightly colored remnants of the kids tattered Crayolas.


Heidi said...

I have a crayon problem too. I'd take a picture to show you, but then there would be evidence.

Lisa said...

You just can't beat the smell of a fresh box of crayons!

Kelsey said...

wow...we have a lot of the same problems.

MaryAnne said...

Yes it was reading rainbow and now I will know if I find rainbow colored dog poop on my lawn who to call! Also nothing smells better than a newly opened box of crayons

Aaron said...


"....see if he remembers...."


Heather said...

I love office supplies! Crayons are great I love the smell. My friends at school give me a hard time because I am always finding something new to buy!

Cindi said...

I think it was Sesame Street. When the tips on my very large box of crayons get even a little dull I give them to the kids and buy myself a new box. Crayons are just cool.

Kelsey said...

what is your twitter about? Since I have no phone, Jr high style, I'm considering stopping at the nearest payphone to find out but then again.....who carries change?
What happened. I guess I will call you later...0r hope you email me soon :)

Kelsey said...

NO HE DIDN'T!!!!!!