Monday, August 3, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

Ok, so I didn't get to the project I wanted to do today (massive overhaul of the office), because I ended up having to drive to the big city for Charlotte's one year check up today. That I had kind of forgotten about. 'Cause I lost my personal calender upon which I had written the appointment information. Good thing I called their office this morning to find out what day this week the appointment was! (they've been closed for the past week so I didn't get my reminder call)


I tackled my bedroom instead. I don't know why I let things end up in there.
Actually, I do. It's because there's a lock on my door so it delays kids getting into things that they shouldn't be into anyway. And I hear it when they pick the lock so I at least get a head's up that they are getting into something.

Plus I hadn't done our laundry last week since I had so many other things going on. It needed help. A lot of help.

No, there is no before picture. Are you kidding? Heck no!

And technically, this isn't an after picture either, but it is a peek into the room right after we painted it yellow shortly after we moved in. I don't deal well with white walls.

Sorry, with where the door sits you can't really get a good shot of the whole room.

Speaking of yellow, here's the second part of this whole thing. For the three of you who are still reading. Unless I'm flattering myself and only my husband is reading this far. Because he is obligated.

I'm debating painting in here.

I love the yellow (this picture doesn't do it justice, it's a much warmer buttery yellow-Behr Quiet Veranda), but I'm kind of itching for a change, you know? It's been yellow for 3 1/2 years, and I'm out of other things to paint. I'm loving the way a really soft light blue looks with browns, so I'm debating that. With the dark furniture and the tan bedding, we'd pull out the red accents (pillows, throw, window treatment) and change that to something else (not sure what yet). I'm thinking blue might be fun. But I really can't decide.

What do you think? Stay yellow? Go Blue? or something else entirely? HELP!


Missy said...

I say go blue! We painted our bedroom a deep blue, have the dark wood furniture and also the tan bedspread, LOVE IT!! Plus, it's been over 3 years, definitely time for a change :)

Rheanna said...

I have to tell you that as soon as you said blue, I thought it was the most awesome idea! Go FOR IT!

~LL~ said...

I favor reds, myself....a glorious maroon in my bedroom and a brick red with a deep salmon in my dining room. Loverly.....
I'm all for bold colors

Catey said...

LL-I tend to gravitate towards reds as well, which is why I'm debating shaking things up. The kitchen is red, the living room is earth tones with red and gold accents, the bedroom is the yellow with red accents, master bath is red (so I'd end up changing that if we do the bedroom blue)......decisions, decisions......

Becky said...

My bedroom is brown (more dark brown) and blues.. I LOVE it... it's fantastic.

The tan would look awesome.

There was this amazing blue that I saw on a blog forever ago.. I'll try and remember where I saw it at (I was in an accident last week and still a little out of it).

budandlissa said...

I prefer yellow myself, but that's a story in and of itself (our house was almost entirely bright blue when we moved in, I couldn't stand it). After awhile though, change is good.

I must say that I admire your work ethic and your ability to get so many projects done. I prefer to ignore them all. LOL

Aaron said...

I say.....I don't care. No matter what I say, you will do what you want anyhow. As long as you let me sleep there, put a few of my clothes in the drawers and (AHEM....) do a couple other things in there......I don't care.....really.

Kelsey said...

I'm going blue. Hey, do you wanna tackle my bedroom or what? :)
Shann came into our house while I we were gone. MY BAD :) ha ha ha