Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm nothing if not predictably unpredictable

Because if I did anything on the schedule I'm supposed to follow it would be shocking.

And it often takes me much longer to finish a project than I assumed. Though sometimes I do surprise myself and finish earlier than I anticipated. But hey-maybe I do my best work when I'm really eeking up to that deadline. Maybe.

So Sweet Tooth Sunday was me munching down Coconut M&Ms.
And my Happy Home Monday, well, it was more like Haphazard Home Monday, but only because sometimes (um, always with me) when you undertake a huge organizing project, things get really messy before you finish. And I haven't finished yet because I keep staring at the little bit that I have gotten done and basking in it's glow. Maybe I have project ADD? But hey, I found the office floor. And the desk. Who knew they were still under there?!

Oh yah, that comment about "check back this weekend" if you wanted an apron.....I think I meant to say "next weekend".....yah, that's it. Though if I weren't a total photoshop flunkie, I would have been on time with that one. I'm working on it.


justdawn said...

Coconut M&M's??? Would you send me some??? PLEASE??? We don't have them over here and they sound DIVINE!

Catey said...

I would LOVE to! Are there restrictions concerning sending food overseas? And you are right, they are DIVINE. : )

Cindi said...

Don't you just love the coconut M&M's?! Best invention ever.

Hollie Wood said...

K where do I get these coconut M&M's?