Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There seems to be a running theme in my life lately

I guess there are many, it just depends on which moment you happen to catch me in.

Maybe I'm just trying to cope with the whole "back to school" thing. The four oldest kids are going to public school this year.

We have kind of a reversal of roles thing going on here. My kids are very excited to go to school. I'm so bummed that one week from today summer vacation is officially over.
Ironically, when then end of May rolled around, I was the one throwing a party that our school year was over and the kids were slightly bummed. Hmmm....I'm sure a therapist would have a heyday with that one.

To get me through these weeks of chaotic anticipation, I've turned to two good old friends of mine.


Oh dear. Yes people, that's a case. A whole stinkin' case just for me! Bwahahahahaha!
The timing on this gift (yes, someone gave me this!), was impeccable. Especially because my oven is not working for some reason. And since baking is my therapy (hey, it's cheaper than counseling, and tastes better), things could get interesting around here.

And then:

*Swoon* Could you not just die?!

I am nearly dying, because despite the fact that I got these in the same size as my red ones, they are too small. That is not good. Now I just get to bask in their glow until I can exchange them and let my feet enjoy all that glorious goodness.

At least while I wait, my 4 yr old has promised to entertain me by practicing his fire dance with a closet rod. Sounds like a great way to spend part of these last days of freedom.

Oh, and it's not on fire, just in case you were wondering. I've seen this kid in action with scissors, you really think I'd let him play with fire?


~LL~ said...

"Fire dance with a closet rod?" Please tell me that's not code for "pole dancing."

justdawn said...

I would break (at least one) ankle in those shoes. They are too high off the ground for me;) hehehe

Lisa said...

Same as Dawn!

I still want to know what kind of polka dot shoes Charlotte got for her birthday. Are they puddle jumpers?

Catey said...

LL-rofl! No, think Polynesian Fire Dancing-kind of like un-freakin'-believable twirling involving flames. So much fun to watch!

Catey said...

Lisa-Sorry! I thought I emailed you. See how I am? lol They are PJs. If you buy them direct (or from most boutiques) they are pretty pricey, but frequently has them-especially lately the sandals are up a lot, and there is another site called, you can look at squeaker shoes (maybe squeaky? can't remember) they use PJs but stick a removable squeaker in the heel, and are about half the price of PJs from the PJ site.
And speaking of cute shoes...I was cleaning up her closet yesterday and found two more pair that I had forgotten about! Cute MaryJanes with flowers. Love it!

MaryAnne said...

Catey if you are waiting for me to get back in town to exchange your shoes, let me know I will contact Angie and have her get in touch with you. Things like super hot shoes can not wait for neighbors to get back in town.

Kelsey said...

that's right, I forgot I got her the flower shoes :) Oh JOY!
And I love your new to die fors. Yummy!!!