Monday, October 6, 2008


Apparently I'm it.

Here we go. In nearly two years I have successfully avoided being “tagged”. Since Chris hit me with this, and Justin decided he’d hit me too, I’m going to humor them. But only because they both had birthdays last week. Gentlemen, Happy stinkin’ Birthday, this is just for you!

But in the spirit of being annoying, I will tag 7 others at the end! ha!

Unfortunately most of the “7 interesting things” I came up with, um, well, NOT sharing them! Either you wouldn’t want to know them or I’m not about to admit to them. ; ) I pulled a Chris and kept a little note card with me today so that when I came up with something, I could jot it down and not forget it and spend time actually trying to come up with something else. And I made this looooong and tedious so as to avoid anyone tagging me in the future!

So here’s what you get:

1-I have some OCD issues. I’m sure the light switches and toenails have been mentioned before, so I’m hitting the closet part of it here. My hangers. They are all the same. They came from I think The Limited or Lerner or some store like that, when a retail thing that my dad was managing took over their store space at Crossroads Mall. I don’t like any other hangers. I prefer mine evenly spaced, and my clothes are sorted by color, the sweaters are all at one end-not sorted with the other shirts by color-but are still sorted in color order. And my shoes are almost all in their boxes as well.

2-I am an anti-dentite. “A RAAAABID Anti-Dentite!” :) I really hate having my teeth worked on. I would rather give birth than have cavities filled. My dentist knows this. He at first figured it was b/c I, like most of the world, used an epidural. I think he was a bit shocked to find out that, no I don’t, and when I meant I’d rather give birth than have my teeth worked on, I meant giving birth w/out pain meds. I do hate dental work that much. I guess the bonus of my dentist knowing this is that he’s REALLY nice when he works on my teeth! : ) It would then stand to reason that I am very good about always brushing and flossing. Nope. I’m not. at all.

3-I like Crayons. New, pointy Crayola crayons. I like to buy them when they are on sale before school starts every year, so I have a lot of them stashed away. When I am coloring something I get out “Mommy’s crayons” and thoroughly enjoy not using little bitty broken pieces of crayons. Yes, I do share some of the new ones with my kids when the need rolls around!

4- When I eat M&Ms, I eat them by color. I will eat them so that I have an even number of each color in my hand, then eat them in color order (yellow, orange, red, brown, blue, green). Green is eaten last. Or occasionally I’ll eat them in a pattern. Like if I have two of each color except one and have one of that color, I’ll line them up and eat them. So if I have just one green, I’ll eat blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, blue. I know. I’m retarded.

5-I’m awful at Thank You notes. I really am. I swear I am not ungrateful, I just for some reason procrastinate them. Like from my baby shower in July? Yah. Unfortunately half of the people haven’t received thank you notes yet. (maybe this will motivate me to finish? I have names on each of them, just haven’t finished writing them). Thankfully I have very forgiving friends and they know I love them even if I suck at putting it in writing!

6-My pain tolerance is weird. Labor/childbirth, sure. (I even had a video camera filming this last labor to see if I tolerated in the way I thought. No, you don’t see anything-it was at the head of the bed, behind me!) With pitocin, why not? Bring it on. Huge challenging work outs, aching muscles? Yep, love it. But if Aaron tries to pop a zit for me? Oh heck no! And we’ve already mentioned the dental work issues. And the nurse who did my IV at the hospital last time? It took everything in me not to deck her. I guess then I do well with endurance/building type of pain, but not the more sharp instant pain? I don’t know.

7-If I had to label myself, I would say that at heart I am a black-tie red-neck. I believe in pearls with jeans. I love getting dressed up, love the theater, ballet, symphonies, a fancy evening out. I would also love to live on a ranch/farm. I love getting my hands dirty and working hard. One of the reasons I love where we live is that there are fields and farms around. I love driving the main road out when the herds are out grazing. I love visiting a friend’s dairy farm up a few hours North of here. I loved the smell of the cows out in the field in the crisp fall air when I took my long bike ride last time. (yes, I realize that no one loves that smell) I would love to have a big truck (Ford F-series, black, lifted, extended cab, tinted windows), and if I ever get it I will even be nice and let Aaron drive it occasionally. I like to blame this whole thing on my Dad’s parents; I guess I am the result of what happens when you combine a London born and raised Grandmother and an Evanston WY cowboy Grandfather! : )

There you have it. My one and only tag. Now, Kelsey, Rheanna, Rachel, Stacy S., Lisa, LL(who gave me a cute blog award that one day I'll get in gear and pass on!), and Tina. Go for it.


Aaron said... forgot chocolate.

Everybody is happier when mommy gets her medicine.

Kelsey said...

I didn't know you were a hillbillie at heart. Sick! Also, please don't tell people about the Wyoming thingy :) That is on the D.L.

justdawn said...

Speaking of thank you cards...I STILL have yours, lovingly hand made and already written out from that time...what was it? Three years ago?? When you got Eli that puzzle and truck for his birthday??? Yeah. I suck, too;)

Lisa said...

LOVE new crayons!! I can smell 'em now.

Cindi said...

I love new crayons too--we have a lot of crayons at our house. And I don't bother with the IV during childbirth, I care not for the pain of the needle.

Chris said...

You're a good sport. This is my first round of tagging, I had no idea this kind of thing went on. Apparently it spreads like the plague.
The last time I wrote thank you notes was for my wedding, fourteen years ago. I wrote about half of the ones I was supposed to write, and I never mailed any of them.

~LL~ said...


I'll do this meme soon :D of 64 with a built-in sharpener!

M&Ms....totally hear you. They taste better if eaten in the proper order: brown, orange, yellow, green, red, blue...MUST BE IN THAT ORDER!!!

Stacy said...

I loved reading about you! I don't know if it's because you're interesting, or because you're such a good writer (I think you write very well). When you said you tagged Stacy that me? I wouldn't know the first thing to do (I'll call Kelsey and get instructions;)

zoinatt said...

Wow I just learned a whole lot more about you. UGH I'm still learning the blogging thing and you went and tagged me. LOL I'll see if I can figure it out.