Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If the shoes fits- part two

Ironically it was almost exactly one year ago when I posted under the title "If the Shoe Fits".  

Well, still obsessed with shoes.  No, I won't tell you how many pair have been added to the closet in the past month.  (in my defense, the cost averaged out to less than $3/pair)  BUT I have cleared out a number of shoes I no longer wear, so technically I haven't really added any more than like one or two pair....

So the part two?  I decided to put the shoe obsession to work for me.  The cute girls who run 4 The Love of Shoes are now not only my enablers, I work for them!  Just occasionally; one night a week helping out with inventory and the like, and filling in at shoe parties when they need help, but hey, getting paid to play with shoes is not a bad deal!   Really weird to fill out a W4 again, and to actually be employed, even if it is only for a couple of hours a week.   

So-possibly coming soon to a shoe party near!

(and apparently Aaron and I are sharing a mental wavelength today! lol)


~LL~ said...

So many times do you have to get a new outfit to match the shoes that match nothing in your closet? LOL...I've done that a few times, myself!

Coming to Texas anytime soon?

Heidi B C said...

Oh, I'm so gonna have to book a party now! :)

Kelsey said...

you have to see the new purple and silver shoes I got. 2 seperate pair of course. You will PEE your pants!!!! I'm in love with them.
Hallie is obsessed with shoes, it must be in our genes :)

Lisa said...

And you have time to do this when? LOL!